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8月 02, 2023
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A boy meets a girl in the most romantic of places—an elevator! Elevator Girl APK brings a charming office love story to your phone. As a new employee riding the elevator daily with your crush, you'll strategically choose responses to woo her during your brief encounters.

This unique visual novel has you spending elevator rides getting to know the beautiful, secretive girl more each day. Make conversation choices tailored to her personality as you uncover details about her life. Build a connection through your compassion and care.

The gorgeous anime-style heroine is brought to life with subtle animations and expressive character art. Backed by an immersive soundtrack, the calming elevator provides a cozy atmosphere for love to bloom. Can you steal her heart before your floor arrives?

With multiple endings based on your choices, Elevator Girl offers replay value as you shape unique story paths. How will you thoughtfully guide each conversation toward romance? Play now and discover if love can blossom on only 15 floors. You have nothing to lose but your loneliness!


  • Ride the elevator daily, getting to know the mysterious, quiet girl bit by bit
  • Notice and inquire about further details to learn more about her interests
  • Offer relevant opinions and stories from your own life when they relate to hers
  • Console and reassure her when she reveals vulnerabilities about her problems
  • Compliment her character, work ethic, insights, and other personal qualities
  • Let conversations occasionally lapse into silence to avoid seeming overeager
  • Gather intel by chatting with coworkers around the office about her
  • Learn her favorite foods, hobbies, and other preferences and use them to your advantage
  • Steer dialogue based on her reactions and emotions to answers over time
  • Balance slowly builds rapport without coming on too strong
  • Interpret her subtle facial expressions and body language to understand how she feels
  • Use your limited time wisely to make every encounter gently advance the romance

Features of Elevator Girl APK

  1. Unique setting focused solely on elevator rides for organic encounters
  2. Gorgeous anime-inspired heroines brought to life with subtle animations
  3. Multiple endings based on dialogue choices and relationship points
  4. No stressful timers or dead ends; enjoy the story at your own pace
  5. Soothing background music complements the heartfelt writing
  6. Office environments and supporting characters provide depth
  7. Experience told from an intimate first-person male perspective
  8. A touching drama reveals more about the girl and her motivations
  9. Thoughtful, everyday conversations drive organic relationship growth
  10. Gentle humor balances the uplifting romantic tone
  11. Main chapters and character routes result in varied outcomes
  12. Replay to discover all the endings across different playthroughs
  13. A polished, atypical story stands out in the visual novel genre
  14. Save progress anytime and pick back up seamlessly where you left off
  15. Read free with ads or remove ads via in-app purchase
  16. All content included; no additional purchases are necessary
  17. Universal app optimized for phones or tablets

How to Download

  • Download the Elevator Girl APK from Delyrics. Allow the installation of games from Unknown Sources.
  • Open the app and tap Start. Feel free to customize the name of your character.
  • You'll meet the secretive girl for the first time in the elevator. Read each scene carefully.
  • When dialogue options appear, choose the responses that seem most relevant to learning about her.
  • Take note of the details she reveals and ask follow-up questions later to show you listened.
  • Also, slowly open up and reveal more about yourself when it relates to the conversation.
  • Give thoughtful advice or consoling words when she rarely opens up about problems.
  • Compliment her unique qualities and unwavering dedication as you get to know her better.
  • Check the relationship meter on the main menu to see your current progress in winning her over.
  • As you progress, more significant choices will appear that greatly impact her affection.
  • The game automatically saves your progress, so you can easily pick it back up at any time.
  • For the best ending, balance slowly building a bond without getting too intense.
  • There are 14 chapters total, with more unlocking as you make progress.
  • Replay to experience alternative story paths based on different choices.

What's New

  • Added five new main chapters, continuing the story
  • 1 new alternate branch focusing on supporting characters Liliya
  • Over 20 new CG images depicting scenes with the heroine
  • The expanded ending adds an additional romantic confession scene
  • Main menu UI graphics redesigned for cleaner, modern look
  • Optimized asset loading for faster scene transitions
  • More natural conversational flow and romantic tension in early chapters
  • Additional office scenes provide more insight into her daily work life
  • Small details about her past now uncovered through key dialogue options
  • New elevator small talk scenarios and responses expand localizations
  • Improved voice-over dialogue delivery and emotive expressions
  • Adjusted relationship point system for better romance progression
  • Fixed some typographical errors reported by players
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


Elevator Girl APK offers a uniquely heartwarming romance experience focused on chance encounters during elevator rides. As a new office worker who sees a mysterious girl daily for brief periods, you carefully choose responses to get to know her better over time. With strategic dialogue choices, you can slowly nurture a meaningful connection.

The condensed time limit creates an intimate, focused atmosphere perfect for learning about someone. Your understanding of subtle details like her expressions determines success more than grand gestures. It captures how even small talk can foster affection when approached thoughtfully.

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