CABAL RETURN OF ACTION APK 1.1.3 (Latest Version)

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1.1.3 Android için
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Ağu 03, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Evil threatens the fantasy realm of Nevareth in Cabal Return of Action APK, an immersive MMORPG that brings the hit franchise to mobile. As darkness spreads, take up arms in this stunning 3D roleplaying game!

Based on the legendary PC online game with over 30 million players worldwide, Cabal Mobile retains the combo-driven real-time combat and extensive customization that made the franchise a trailblazer. Play as one of eight unique classes, like Warrior, Wizard, Force archer, and more, each with explosive skills.

Journey across sprawling landscapes, from tranquil forests to foreboding ruins. Take on quests, slay beasts, raid dungeons alone or in parties, and claim valuable loot. Personalize your hero with countless weapons and armor sets as you gain power.

Join the ranks of the Capella or Procyon factions and battle for supremacy in 100v100 Nation Wars! Cabal Mobile optimizes the PC experience for touch devices while welcoming new heroes to the saga.


  • Choose from 8 classes: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Blader, Force shielder, etc. Each has unique skills.
  • Perform combo attacks by tapping skills in sequence. Time properly for maximum damage.
  • Activate deadly Battle Modes at higher levels once the meter charges up.
  • Take on main story quests by talking to NPCs across the rich fantasy world.
  • Battle monsters and complete objectives to gain XP and loot equipment.
  • Raid instanced dungeons with friends or via multiplayer matchmaking.
  • Gather materials from mining, fishing, etc. to craft weapons, potions, food, and other items.
  • Talk to class trainers to learn new skills as you level up.
  • Equip armor, weapons, accessories, and pets found in quests or crafting.
  • Enhance equipment stats by upgrading, socketing gems, etc.
  • Learn horseback riding to explore faster. Obtain mounts like horses, wolves, and more.
  • Join a guild to complete challenging endgame raids requiring teamwork.
  • Participate in a 3v3 Battle Arena or duel other players for bragging rights.


  1. 8 playable classes: warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, and force gunner
  2. High-quality 3D graphics and expansive world to explore
  3. Controller support for comfortable big-screen gaming
  4. Character customization with equipment, costumes, mounts, and pets
  5. Fluid combo-based real-time battle system
  6. Deadly class-specific Battle Mode enhancements
  7. Hundreds of quests across forests, deserts, ruins and more
  8. Group dungeons and raids for multiplayer coop
  9. Crafting profession system to make equipment, potions and food
  10. Player housing with upgradeable furniture and trophies
  11. Nation War PvP battles in massive 100 vs 100 matches
  12. 1v1 Battle Arenas for competitive dueling action
  13. Leaderboards to climb for achievements and battle ratings
  14. In-game friend lists and guild systems for community
  15. Play solo or form parties with other worldwide players

How to Download

  • Download and install Cabal Return of Action APK from Delyrics.
  • Run the game and tap Start on the launch screen.
  • Optionally link a social media account, then customize your character and class.
  • Pay attention to the tutorial pop-ups explaining combat mechanics.
  • Tap quest markers on the mini map to further the main story.
  • Auto-navigation lets you walk to objectives by tapping on the screen once.
  • Tap the auto-combat buttons during enemy encounters to automatically perform skills.
  • Activate more powerful skills manually for tougher enemies. Time them properly for combos.
  • Level up frequently to assign stat points and unlock new combat abilities.
  • Check your inventory and equipment window to equip new loot with better stats.
  • Tap the Crafting icon to craft weapons, potions, and food once unlocked.
  • Join a Guild to take on endgame megadungeons requiring teamwork.
  • Visit Arena NPCs to duel other players once PvP unlocks at a higher level.
  • Participate in epic 100 vs. 100 Nation Wars to earn rewards and climb rankings.
  • Link to Facebook to add in-game friends and request assistance.

What's New

  • Added new Archer class, bringing bow and arrow ranged skills
  • Expanded main story with several new quest chapters
  • Launched Guild Hunt event dungeons for coop loot raids
  • Introduced Daily Dash rewards for consecutive logins
  • Added Tower of Disappearance dungeon with floor rewards
  • Rebalanced enemies in early zones to ease new player experience
  • Improved party matchmaking algorithms result in faster coop


For longtime fans or those new to the franchise, Cabal Return of Action APK brings this legendary MMORPG to mobile in stellar form. Enjoy the fast-paced real-time battles, expansive world, system depth, and social aspects optimized for touch devices.

The combo-driven combat delivers hard-hitting abilities and visual flair during encounters with monsters or other players in PvP modes. Growing your perfect hero with tailored loadouts stays addictively rewarding over time.

While accessible for more casual fans, hardcore players can dive deep into late-game raids, crafting deeper character builds, and competitive Nation Wars. The gameplay variety and player community keep you engaged indefinitely.

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