Yadanar City APK 2.0 (Latest Version)

Скачать Yadanar City APK 2.0 (Latest Version) для Android 2024

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Yadanar City
2.0 для Android
авг 03, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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For real-time financial data and exciting mobile games, Yadanar City APK delivers the complete package for users in Myanmar. This popular homegrown app provides live SET index updates from Thailand plus a robust library of localized 2D and 3D games.

Stay on top of the latest Thailand stock exchange developments throughout the workday. Then unwind with nostalgic arcade-style games or plunge into stunning 3D worlds—all in one seamless experience. Yadanar City APK has become a favorite one-stop destination for entertainment and timely business insights.

Developed specifically with Myanmar users in mind, the app elegantly blends finance and gaming. Intuitive navigation and smooth performance ensure compatibility across devices. An attractive rewards program keeps users engaged across daily content updates.

With its finger on the pulse of user interests, Yadanar City APK exemplifies the flourishing mobile app development scene in Myanmar. Its blend of data, news, and games caters perfectly to local needs. For a unique platform showcasing the best of Myanmar’s modern technological capabilities, Yadanar City can’t be beat!

How to Play

Real-Time SET Index Updates:

  • Live updates on Thailand's stock exchange throughout their workday
  • Keeps users informed on the latest financial trends and data
  • Index performance, trading analysis, top movers and more
  • Editorial daily briefings explain key market events and news

Myanmar 2D and 3D Games:

  • Extensive library of localized games in 2D retro pixel art style
  • Evokes gaming nostalgia with arcade classic gameplay on mobile
  • Action, sports, puzzles, adventures and more genres included
  • 3D graphics engine powers immersive gameplay with stunning visuals
  • Genres include racing, RPGs, first-person shooters and sims
  • Social features allow friends to challenge each other for leaderboard dominance

Additional Features:

  • The reward system grants points for gameplay unlocks and daily logins
  • Achievements add motivation to keep making progress
  • Live chat support resolves any issues promptly
  • Community forums foster engaged discussion between players
  • Regular content updates keep gameplay fresh and retention high

Features of Yadanar City APK

  1. Live SET index updates from Thailand stock exchange
  2. Daily editorials explain significant financial news events
  3. Watchlist personalization follows favorite stocks and securities
  4. Real-time pricing on equities, derivatives and more
  5. Pre-market and after-hours quote data to optimize trades
  6. Extensive historical data, technical indicators and charting
  7. Robust 2D game library with classic arcade-style gameplay
  8. 3D graphics engine for immersive environments and gameplay
  9. Action, RPG, sports, puzzle, and strategy games included
  10. Social features like leaderboards and achievement unlocking
  11. Multiplayer modes allow competing or cooperating with friends
  12. Currency and item trading systems within games
  13. Customizable avatars and profiles for personality
  14. Loyalty reward program for gameplay milestones
  15. Active community forums and discussions
  16. Topical news keeps users engaged daily

How to Download

  • Download and install the APK file from Delyrics.
  • Launch the app and tap to allow all requested permissions. This enables full functionality.
  • Optionally, create a user account to sync progress across multiple devices. Or play as a guest.
  • The home screen shows the latest SET index performance and highlights popular games.
  • Tap the Market Data toolbar option to view real-time Thailand stock exchange updates.
  • Add specific securities to your personalized watchlist by searching and tapping the + icon.
  • View detailed pricing information, charts, indicators, and analysis for selected stocks.
  • Read the daily market news briefings for insights on significant events that moved shares.
  • Tap the Games toolbar option and browse or search the extensive catalog by genre.
  • Tap any game icon to install it or launch it if it's already installed. Allow the requested app permissions.
  • Play 2D retro arcade-style games using intuitive on-screen tap and swipe controls.
  • Immerse yourself in 3D worlds using virtual joysticks to control your character from a third-person perspective.
  • Complete daily or weekly events and achievements to earn loyalty reward points.
  • Redeem reward points for special collectibles, power-ups, currency, and other prizes.
  • Use live chat by tapping the support icon for instant help with any issues.

What's New

  • Added new Futures and Options data for enhanced trading analysis
  • Launched social team play features for collaborative gaming events
  • Added player-versus-player battle modes make gameplay competitive
  • An enhanced 3D graphics engine now supports even richer environments
  • Added 20+ new games across genres like action, sports and puzzles
  • An improved reward system introduces tiered levels with greater prizes
  • Added personalized avatars using layered cosmetic customization items
  • A new artifact system in games provides equipment boosts when equipped


For a polished mobile platform catering specifically to local users, Yadanar City APK shines as a standout example. Blending real-time SET index updates from Thailand with an extensive library of 2D and 3D games gives users the perfect mix of timely finance information and entertainment.

Intuitive navigation and a rewards-driven gameplay loop keep users engaged across daily content updates. The app exemplifies Myanmar’s fast-growing development talent focused on user-centric mobile experiences.

Whether staying updated on the markets during the workday or relaxing after hours with immersive games, Yadanar City APK has something valuable for everyone. Attractive social features also build a sense of community between users.

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