NP Modz LL Extern APK 1.8 (Unlocked All)

Скачать NP Modz LL Extern APK 1.8 (Unlocked All) для Android 2024

1.8 для Android
авг 03, 2023
147 MB
Требуется Android:
Android 7 and above
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Tired of grinding in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)? Give your gameplay a major boost with the NP Modz LL Extern APK! This unofficial mod unlocks premium skins, spams, maphacks, and more to take your matches to the next level.

NP Modz LL comes packed with hacked features to give you an advantage over rivals. Unlock every skin instantly, both premium and special. Enable extra-sensitive vision hacks that reveal enemy positions at all times. Automate chat spamming to distract foes.

With crazy buffs like cooldown removed on abilities, you’ll dominate every round. The mod also fixes bugs like grass rendering while ensuring you avoid ban risks. Overall, it provides nearly every cheat Mobile Legends pros dream of for completely free!

So why spend money on standard MLBB when you can unlock every cosmetic and win nearly every match with the NP Modz LL Extern APK? Download now and step up your game with this all-in-one hack mod. Skins, spams, maphacks, and more await—dominate Mobile Legends like never before!


  • Unlock every skin for all heroes instantly—both premium and special skins
  • Use drone view for a birds-eye view of the full map and enemy movements
  • Maphack highlights enemy positions at all times, even through walls and grass
  • Spam auto-chat messages to distract, tilt and bait opponents psychologically
  • No cooldown hacks remove delays on abilities for rapid-fire skill combos
  • Fix grass and remove fog of war to further increase vision advantages
  • One-hit kill hacks wipe out enemies instantly with a single attack
  • Customized skins let you create your own hero looks that are not normally available.
  • Remap joystick buttons and positions to tailor control scheme to your preference
  • Hide username so enemies can’t identify and target you
  • Rapid leveling unlocks max stats immediately on match start
  • The toggle settings menu offers different hack options to activate as you please

Features of NP Modz LL Extern Apk

  1. Unlock all skins for free, both premium and time-limited
  2. Maphack reveals enemy locations through walls and grass
  3. Spam chat automation for distracting and tilting opponents
  4. No skill cooldowns for rapid ability combos
  5. Max levels and stats instantly unlocked at match start
  6. Grass disabling removes fog of war for complete vision
  7. Drone view from a bird's-eye perspective
  8. One hit kills or wipes out enemies with a single attack
  9. Custom skin creation with colors and textures not normally accessible
  10. Button remapping for a personalized control scheme
  11. Username hiding prevents enemies identifying and targeting you
  12. Root not required, making it compatible with more devices
  13. Safe for main accounts with minimal risk
  14. Simple UI for toggling hacks on and off
  15. Easy download and installation require no APK technical know-how.

How to Download and Play

  • Download the latest NP Modz LL Extern APK from Delyrics
  • Before installing, enable Unknown Sources in Android settings if prompted
  • Install the NP Modz LL Extern APK and open the app
  • Tap on any feature toggle to activate or deactivate it; selected ones will turn green
  • Open Mobile Legends Bang Bang and enter a match as normal
  • Active hacks like Maphack and Skins will automatically apply
  • For manual hacks like One Hit Kill, activate them when desired in battle
  • Use button icons if certain hacks have extra options, like skin selection
  • Win matches effortlessly with combined hacks like Maphack, No Cooldowns, Max Stats, etc
  • Collect any end-of-match rewards as normal before starting another round
  • Deactivate certain hacks, if desired, between matches in the NP Modz menu
  • Avoid activating too many hacks together to be less obvious
  • For full map vision, set Maphack zoom to max and disable grass
  • Use chat spam to distract and enrage enemies by taunting them
  • Customize controls if default button layout doesn't suit your playstyle

What’s New

  • Added a battle emote hack to automatically perform taunting emotes repeatedly
  • The new aimbot auto-targets and locks onto weak enemies in range
  • The improved Maphack now shows wider area and more identified enemies
  • Added Rapid Jungle Minion Kill to instantly clear jungle camps
  • Updated various skin files for newly added heroes and skin releases
  • The increased max level hack now goes up to Level 500
  • Added 'Lag Enemy' hack initiates fake lag only for opponent players
  • Improved No Skill Cooldown now applies to ultimate abilities too
  • Added 'Freeze Enemy' to root opponents in place temporarily
  • Added 'Confuse Enemy Controls' to randomly remap rival's directional buttons
  • Added Rapid Turret Destroy to obliterate turrets instantly
  • Improved stability and uptime of active hacks during matches
  • Reduced risk of account flagging and bans through advanced cloaking techniques
  • Smoother menu toggling and navigation


For Mobile Legends players seeking an unfair advantage, NP Modz LL Extern APK delivers with its arsenal of hacked cheats and buffs. Unleash your true potential with instant free skins, cooldown removal, maphacks, and more at your fingertips.

With every hero and cosmetic unlocked alongside unstoppable enhancements, you’ll secure victory match after match. Grass disabling for full map vision plus location hacks lets you control the battlefield completely. Automated chat spam distracts rivals while you dominate.

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