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1.3.2 для Android
авг 02, 2023
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Looking for love? Charming Heart APK brings an exciting dating sim experience to your phone! As an exchange student starting at a new high school, you'll meet cute boys and shape your own interactive romance story.

Navigate school life while getting to know a cast of characters. Each boy has his own personality, which shapes how he reacts to your choices. Build relationships by learning about their interests, sharing advice, and going on dates. Your responses determine who you ultimately end up with!

Charming Heart features beautifully illustrated anime-style characters and backgrounds. The lighthearted story is fun and keeps things family-friendly for all ages. Unlock special outfits and hairstyles to customize your look. Earn gems to access premium options faster.

If you enjoy interactive fiction games and romance, Charming Heart provides plenty of replay value. With multiple boys to pursue and varied story routes, no two playthroughs are the same. Can you discover all the unique endings? Who will steal your heart? Download now and start your love story!


  1. Progress through school life, meeting different boys in classes and scenarios
  2. Read chat dialog to get to know the boys' distinct personalities as you interact
  3. Make dialogue choices that fit your personality or that interest the boy you're pursuing
  4. Give thoughtful advice about their problems to improve your relationship
  5. Spend gems to select premium date locations and gift items
  6. Complete side quests and play mini games to earn more gems
  7. Choose outfit styles that reflect your personality or the boy's tastes
  8. React positively when they share something about themselves to boost affection
  9. Keep track of your relationship meters with each boy as choices affect them
  10. Balancing time between different boys shapes who you ultimately get closest to
  11. Reach the best ending by making the right sequence of choices tailored to that boy
  12. Replay to discover and pursue all the other endings with characters
  13. No stressful timers; enjoy the story at your own pace

Features of Charming Heart APK

  1. A lighthearted high school dating sim tailored for all ages
  2. Beautiful anime-inspired artwork and characters
  3. 5 potential boys to pursue romantic storylines with
  4. Shape your own interactive narrative based on the choices you make
  5. Influence relationships through meaningful dialogue and advice
  6. Unique endings to discover with each boy based on your actions
  7. Gift-giving and dating mini games to boost relationships
  8. Customize your avatar with stylish outfits and hair options
  9. Side quests and mini games earn you gems for premium unlocks
  10. No stressful timers; progress the story at your own pace
  11. Replayability with different results each playthrough
  12. Experience school life events like dances, field trips, exams, etc
  13. Natural conversations learn more about each character over time
  14. Heartwarming first love stories suitable for all ages
  15. easy, intuitive interface optimized for touchscreens
  16. Continue saving progress whenever you open the app

How to Download

  • Download and install the Charming Heart APK from Delyrics. Enable installation from Unknown Sources if required.
  • Open the app and tap Start to begin. Choose your avatar's name and customize their appearance.
  • You'll be introduced to the school and meet several potential boys. Swipe the story screens at your pace.
  • When dialogue options appear, choose responses that shape your personality and romance prospects.
  • Use the Camera icon in scenes to take photos, earning you gems for premium choices.
  • Manage your wardrobe and change outfits by tapping the clothes hanger icon. New options unlock as you play.
  • Check each boy's relationship meter and current affection level toward you by tapping the heart icon.
  • Purchase dating gifts and location choices using gems when you tap the gem icon before dates.
  • Complete side quests when they appear by tapping the lightbulb notification icon to earn more gems.
  • When you reach Fate's selections, they alter the story direction significantly. Choose carefully!
  • Finish mini games successfully during dates by following on-screen prompts to raise affection.
  • Pause anytime with the pause button at the top left. Your progress autosaves.
  • To restart a playthrough, hold the Reset button on the title screen when restarting the app.
  • Enjoy shaping your own high school romance story! Different choices lead to varied endings.

What's New

  • New date location: the Amusement Park, with fun new dating minigames
  • Expanded the ending for Mark's romance route with an extra romantic confession scene
  • Added two new musical performance scenes along Mark's route when pursuing him
  • New premium hairstyles and outfit options in the wardrobe to unlock
  • Outfit pieces can now be purchased individually rather than full sets only
  • Two new minor characters added to deepen school life immersion
  • Fixed bug that could occasionally freeze dating minigames.
  • Added six new main story chapters, continuing the school year
  • A new beach date location when dating Dylan with swimming minigame
  • Additional romantic scenes when pursuing Ryan's storyline.
  • Extended epilogue story for two of the dateable characters.
  • Added volume slider and music toggle in Settings for audio preferences
  • General writing polish, grammar fixes and improvements
  • Optimized data management and cloud backup
  • Added confirmation prompts before major choices
  • Other minor bug fixes based on user feedback


Charming Heart APK crafts an engaging high school dating simulator perfect for mobile. As an exchange student pursuing five different potential boyfriends, the story shifts based on your choices in conversations and scenarios. Building relationships requires learning their personalities and thoughtfully reacting.

The anime-inspired artwork draws you into an immersive world full of heartwarming moments. The writing balances slice-of-life drama and romance with gentle humor. There are no stressful timers or dead ends—play through the branches of fate at your own pace. With meaningful dialogue, gift-giving, and dating minigames, romancing your crush feels truly interactive.

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