Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza Free Fire Apk 2.0 (Auto Headshot)

Baixar Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza Free Fire Apk 2.0 (Auto Headshot) para Android 2024

2.0 para Android
Atualizado em:
ago 03, 2023
4.8 MB
Android obrigatório:
Android 7 and above
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Tired of losing free-fire gunfights? Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza levels the playing field with powerful aim assists for guaranteed headshots. This APK mod provides key advantages to demolish rivals with weapon auto-lock and other features.

The mod automatically locks your crosshair onto enemy heads within range. Just fire and watch those instant kills rack up! It also reduces gun recoil for improved stability and increases the fire rate for insane DPS.

Walk through entire matches effortlessly, dominating every opponent who crosses your path. The auto-aim practically guarantees victory in any shootout before they can even react. No more losing fights from failed headshots or jittery aim.

Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza works flawlessly on both the standard and MAX versions of Free Fire. It runs silently in the background with no risk of getting banned. Why struggle any longer in Free Fire gunplay when you can win every duel with this APK? Download now and destroy the competition!


  • Auto-Aim automatically locks crosshair onto enemy heads in range
  • Get perfect headshots continuously, with no effort or aim required
  • Greatly reduced recoil results in improved stability during full autofire.
  • A faster rate of fire allows wiping out enemies quicker
  • The auto-loot feature collects all nearby items and ammo automatically
  • See all enemies highlighted through objects and terrain for complete awareness
  • Improved hip fire accuracy and precision even when not aiming down sights
  • Quicker reload speeds for less downtime between enemy engagements
  • Never miss your shots, even on moving targets at long distances
  • Automatic 180-degree turns when being attacked suddenly from behind
  • On-screen buttons provide the ability to toggle features on and off during matches
  • Works flawlessly on both standard and MAX versions

Features of Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza Free Fire Apk

  1. Auto-headshot aimbot for guaranteed headshots
  2. Greatly reduced gun recoil results in laser stability
  3. A faster fire rate provides insane damage per second
  4. Improved hip-fire accuracy when shooting from the hip
  5. Auto-loot collects items and ammo from nearby areas automatically
  6. Quick reload speeds minimize downtime between fights
  7. Enemy highlight outlines foes through solid objects
  8. Long-distance aim assists for sniping moving targets easily
  9. 180 auto-turn when attacked suddenly from behind
  10. On-screen button to toggle features as desired
  11. Works on standard and MAX Free Fire versions
  12. Safe to use and there have been no reports of bans from anti-cheat
  13. Lightweight app with low resource usage
  14. Easy one-click activation before matches
  15. Completely free to download and use
  16. Intuitive interface for effortless experience

How to Download and Play

  • Download this apk from Delyrics.
  • Enable Install from Unknown Sources if prompted by your device.
  • Install and launch the Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza app.
  • Open Free Fire on your device as normal once the macro app is running.
  • The headshot mod will automatically activate when you enter a match.
  • Aim your sights near an enemy, and the crosshair will automatically snap onto their head.
  • Simply fire, and the mod will handle aiming—no skill required! You'll get perfect headshots.
  • The mod also provides recoil control, improved hip fire, a faster fire rate, and other enhancements.
  • An on-screen button provides the ability to toggle the mods on or off if desired.
  • Features like auto-loot and enemy highlights work passively in the background.
  • No configuration is necessary; simply have the mod enabled before matches for an advantage.
  • If you wish to tune the aim assist, you can adjust smoothness, FOV range, slowdown, and more.
  • Unload full auto and watch enemies instantly vaporize thanks to your superior accuracy!
  • The mod works flawlessly on both standard and MAX versions with no risk of bans.

What's New

  • An improved auto-aim algorithm results in even faster targeting
  • Added adjustable FOV options for tuning effective aim assist range
  • Added toggle for aim slowdown when passing over enemies for easier tracking
  • Implemented adjustable smoothness slider for tuning aim assist adherence
  • Improved enemy highlight outlines are now visible through more objects and terrain
  • Added an optional automatic prone adjustment when targets are sighted prone
  • Improved hipfire accuracy algorithm resulting in tighter bullet spread
  • Added toggle for automatic sprinting to always move at max movement speed
  • Added adjustable aim abuse prevention to reduce obvious robotic aiming behavior


Macro Para Dar Tiros a la Cabeza revolutionizes free-fire matches by guaranteeing flawless aim and headshots automatically. Just point somewhere near an enemy's head and let the mod lock on and eliminate them before they can even react.

The auto-aim feature provides almost unbeatable advantages in duels and shootouts. Even at long range on moving targets, you'll land perfect sniper headshots thanks to configurable aim assist settings. Faster fire rates and recoil control further enhance weapon lethality.

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