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Get the facts on Bihar's caste-based survey with the Bijaga apk! This official app created by the state's General Administration Department (GAD) facilitates digitally collecting extensive survey data on castes, socioeconomics, and demographics across communities.

The comprehensive study aims to gather detailed insights into the living conditions, employment statuses, and interplay between castes among Bihar's diverse population. People will provide information covering 17 key categories during in-person surveys.

This massive data collection drive involves a two-phase approach managed by the GAD. Phase one compiled overall population figures, household numbers, village statistics, etc.

Now in phase two, surveyors directly visit households using the Bijaga apk on mobile devices. They ask residents for personal details like names, castes, occupations, education levels, property ownership, and more based on the standardized digital questionnaire built into the app.

Collating this community-level data into the centralized digital database will enable in-depth analysis of social and economic indicators correlated to castes. Authorities can then develop data-driven policies for welfare, affirmative action, and opportunity programs tailored to benefit marginalized groups. Download Bijaga apk today for an inside look at Bihar's pioneering caste survey initiative!

How to Use

  • Surveyors are assigned households to visit within specified local areas
  • At each home, the surveyor opens the bijaga apk on their mobile device
  • Residents provide information on 17 questions covering personal details
  • The surveyor inputs the responses digitally within the in-app questionnaire
  • Questions include names, ages, castes, literacy levels, occupations, etc
  • Question types range from single-select, multi-select, text fields and more
  • Certain questions branch into more detailed sub-questions based on responses
  • Surveys capture both family members living there and those staying elsewhere
  • The app auto-saves survey data when completed to prevent data loss
  • Saved entries sync to a central database when internet connection is available
  • Surveyors move house-to-house within an area until full area is covered
  • Supervisors periodically review submitted entries for irregularities
  • Extensive backend analytics generate insights from the aggregated data
  • Authorities utilize findings to develop social welfare programs and policies

Features of BIJAGA APK

  • Digital doorway data capture optimized for mobile
  • In-app questionnaire standardized across all surveyors
  • 17 questions capture extensive personal and household details
  • Questions include names, ages, caste, occupation, education, etc
  • Multiple input types like text, single select, and multi select
  • Branching logic customizes follow-up questions based on responses
  • Captures details on family members living there and elsewhere
  • Auto-saving of responses to prevent data loss
  • Syncing to central database when connectivity is available
  • Backend analytics reveal insights from aggregated data
  • Review capabilities for supervisors to assess entries
  • Role-based logins for surveyors, supervisors, and admins
  • Tablet compatibility for easier data input during surveys
  • Available in English and Hindi
  • Exports to PDF and Excel for archiving records
  • Descriptive metadata attached to each survey submission
  • Offline use with syncing when connection is available

How to Download

  • Download Bijaga's APK from Delyrics.
  • Install the Bijaga APK on an Android smartphone or tablet. Allow the required app permissions.
  • Launch Bijaga, login using your provided credentials, and choose your assigned role.
  • For surveyors, your mapped households will appear under the Cases tab for surveying.
  • Visit each household and introduce yourself and the survey objectives to the residents.
  • For each member, carefully ask the standardized questions, inputting responses digitally in the app.
  • Input all details as completely as possible. Tap Next to save responses and proceed.
  • Geo-tags and photos automatically attach for added authenticity, if desired.
  • Upon full completion, finalize the submission so it syncs via the internet to the databases.
  • For supervisors, review submitted surveys under In Progress cases for completeness.
  • Provide feedback or mark it approved. Surveys then move to completed status.
  • Admins can monitor real-time survey metrics and access exports via the dashboards.
  • Continue surveys daily until all households across all assigned areas are completed.

What's New

  • Added 5 new questionnaire branches for deeper insights into income sources
  • Enhanced backend dashboard with additional demographic data visualizations
  • New chart types like pie, scatter, and choropleth for more flexible analytics
  • Added capability to attach photos within surveys, like of property documents
  • Improved GPS coordinate tracking during surveys for location consistency checks
  • Performance optimizations to support thousands of concurrent surveyor users
  • Added survey status tracking with indicators for In Progress, Pending Review, and completed.


For end-to-end digital survey management at population scale, Bijaga apk delivers an invaluable solution. Developed by Bihar's GAD specifically for extensive caste studies, the mobile app platform empowers field surveyors to efficiently capture responses for analysis.

The standardized in-app questionnaire facilitates asking households for comprehensive personal details related to caste, occupations, education, assets, and more. Digitizing the data gathering eliminates manual errors while easing collation on a massive scale. Detailed backend dashboards and exports enable insights that can guide data-driven welfare policies.

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