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3.1.6 voor Android
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aug 01, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Ntraholic APK is a popular puzzle game app for Android devices. Developed by Ntraholic, this addictive app challenges players to clear colored jewels from a board by linking three or more of the same color. With simple tap controls and bright, colorful graphics, Ntraholic APK is a fun brain teaser game for all ages.

Originally released in 2014, Ntraholic APK has grown into one of the most downloaded puzzle games on the Google Play Store. The gameplay is similar to classics like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, but with its own unique twists.

Players must analyze gem combinations and plot their moves carefully to remove gems and progress through levels. With over 1200 puzzles to solve, Ntraholic APK offers hours of challenging match-3 entertainment.

While free to download, the Ntraholic APK does include optional in-app purchases to help you advance faster in the game. However, with patience and practice, players can progress through the levels without spending any money. This makes it an appealing download for puzzle game fans looking for a new challenge to flex their brainpower.

With colorful graphics, smooth animations, and highly addictive game play, it's easy to see why Ntraholic APK has become a mobile gaming favorite. Its mix of strategy and quick thinking keeps players engaged level after level. For any fan of casual puzzle games, Ntraholic APK is definitely worth checking out.


The core gameplay of Ntraholic APK revolves around a match-3 puzzle board filled with different colored jewels. The player's goal is to remove jewels from the board by tapping on groups of three or more of the same color, causing them to disappear.

When gems are matched and cleared, any jewels above them will fall to fill the empty spaces.

Players need to clear gems and jewels quickly because the board constantly spawns new jewels from the bottom. Let the jewels pile up too high, and the game is over! As players progress, they encounter puzzle boards of increasing difficulty.

Some levels have obstacles like ice or stone blocks to work around. Special gems also appear with unique properties that players can exploit for big combos.

To remove jewels, players simply tap on a group of three or more gems of the same color. A streak of 3 gems clears those jewels, while matches of 4 or 5 in a line create more powerful combos. Diagonal matches also count, allowing for strategy in setting up chains of matches.

Clearing gems charges up a power meter, which when full allows players to activate power-up abilities like clearing all gems of one color from the board.

Players need to think several moves ahead since new gems constantly rise from below. Careful play involves both creating matches and setting up the board to link future matches.

Removing gems causes cascading effects where jewels above fall down, potentially causing further matches. This can create satisfying chain reactions when executed well.

There is an element of speed to Ntraholic APK; make matches quickly, or new jewels will overwhelm the board. Later levels are extremely challenging, requiring very efficient movement. The puzzles strike a great balance between analysis and fast action. Overall, the match-3 jewels gameplay provides hours of colorful, addictive challenge.

Features of Ntraholic APK

  1. There are over 1200 fun match-3 levels to play, with increasing difficulty and new obstacles as you advance. Sharpen your skills with tons of puzzles!
  2. Beautiful graphics with shiny, colorful jewels and crisp animations The gems sparkle as you match them—very satisfying!
  3. Powerful boost abilities like Lightning Jewel to zap unwanted gems or Giant Jewel to smash through blocks. Charge them up by making matches.
  4. Special gems with unique properties like Bomb Jewel (which destroys surrounding gems), Rainbow Jewel (which acts as any color), and more
  5. Daily Quests that give you objectives to complete for rewards Earn free bonuses!
  6. Collect stars for achieving level targets. Stars unlock later levels and special rewards.
  7. Compete on leaderboards. Compare high scores with friends or other players around the world.
  8. Easy touch controls for matching jewels Just tap on a group of three or more neighboring gems of the same color to link them.
  9. A relaxing soundtrack provides soothing music in the background as you play.
  10. Detailed stats track your playtime, high score, completed levels, and more.
  11. Free to play, with the option for in-app purchases to aid progression. Not required to advance, though!

How to Play

  • Download the Ntraholic APK for free from Delyrics on your Android device. The app works on phones or tablets running Android 5.0 or newer.
  • Once downloaded, open the app on your device's home screen. The Ntraholic APK will ask to access notifications and network connections. Allow it for full functionality.
  • Upon opening the app, you can either Log In with a Ntraholic account or play as a Guest. Logging in connects you to leaderboards and cloud storage.
  • The main menu has buttons for Play (standard levels), Daily Quests, Bonus Levels, Settings, and More Games. Tap Play to begin.
  • Each level presents you with a puzzle board filled with colored jewels. Check objectives like collecting a certain number of green gems.
  • Make matches by tapping groups of three or more adjacent gems of the same color. Matched gems will be removed from the board.
  • New gems rise up from below, so make matches quickly. Tap boosts to activate abilities like cleansing all gems of one color.
  • Link more than three gems to create special combos. Plan diagonal matches to cascade for bigger chains.
  • If the jewels pile up too high before meeting the level's objective, you'll lose and have to retry.
  • Earn up to 3 stars per level based on your performance. Stars unlock later levels and other rewards.
  • Watch video ads between levels to earn free boost recharges, currency, extra moves, or extra lives.
  • Compete with friends or globally for high scores on each level via the leaderboards.

What's New

  • A new gem type, the rare Prism Jewel, creates huge matches by linking same-colored gems across the entire board. Very powerful!
  • Added 50 brand new levels focusing on the new Prism Jewel. Test your skills with these extra-tricky puzzles!
  • A new power-up, the Hammer, temporarily smashes any single gem you choose during a level. Helpful for clearing stubborn gems.
  • Daily Quests expanded from 3 per day to 5 per day, letting you earn more rewards. Complete them for free gems!
  • Can now continue playing bonus levels even after failing them once. Previously, there was just one attempt per bonus level.
  • Added a new Game+ mode: start the game over at a higher difficulty and win more stars on levels. for the ultimate challenge!
  • The leaderboard now shows both your highest score for each level as well as your friends' scores. Compete!
  • The app now supports landscape mode for playing in widescreen. Rotate your device for a bigger play area.
  • Improved matching algorithm, so gems fall into place better after matches. Smoother animations.
  • added a haptic feedback option for newer devices. Feel satisfying buzzes when you make matches or win levels.
  • Fixed occasional lag issues when too many jewels were on the board. Much smoother overall performance.
  • added a daily login bonus that grants free power-ups when you play each day. incentives return visits.


For anyone seeking a new puzzle game challenge, Ntraholic APK comes highly recommended. It blends the match-3 fun of classics like Bejeweled with colorful graphics and strategic complexity. With over 1200 levels to grind through, it will put your brainpower to the test with hours of addictive jewel-matching action.

While easy to pick up and play, mastering Ntraholic APK requires learning to plan complex move combinations. Creating huge gem cascades takes practice but delivers immense satisfaction. Variable game modes like Daily Quests provide fresh challenges every day. Competing on leaderboards gives an incentive to keep honing skills and achieving higher scores.

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