Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia APK 1.1.5 (Latest Version)

Download Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia APK 1.1.5 (Latest Version) voor Android 2024

1.1.5 voor Android
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aug 02, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Experience ultimate military shooter action with Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia APK! This official mobile version of the popular Ghost Recon Wildlands game lets you continue the covert special ops mission on your phone.

As an elite spec ops soldier, you're sent behind enemy lines to takedown the Santa Blanca drug cartel by any means necessary. Freely explore the massive open world of Bolivia, gathering intel on your targets. Mark enemies, then execute tactical takedowns. Use stealth or go loud with an arsenal of advanced weaponry—the choice is yours.

This isn't just a mindless shooter, though. Coordinate with your AI squad to infiltrate bases and outposts using strategic planning. Hack systems, interrogate enemies, and uncover weaknesses to gain an advantage. Send attack drones from above for support. The immersive world reacts to your actions for endless engagement.

Optimized for mobile, the Wildlands Bolivia APK brings the console experience anywhere. This official version maintains the incredible depth and detail of the original hit game in a portable form factor. Dive into the gritty cartel conflict on your phone now and liberate Bolivia however you see fit!


  1. Freely explore the vast open world of Bolivia by land, sea, or air
  2. Scout enemy locations using drone recon for intelligence before attacking
  3. Mark targets and sync shots with AI squadmates for coordinated stealth
  4. Choose loud frontal assaults or quiet covert infiltration of bases
  5. Interrogate enemies for key intel on cartel operations
  6. Hack security systems to gain advantages like disabling alarms
  7. Takedown foes with melee, pistols, rifles, sniper headshots and more
  8. Acquire blueprints and resources to craft customized weapons and items
  9. Level up skills like Drone Expertise, Parachuting, Explosives, etc
  10. Experience realistic ballistics and bullet penetration modeling
  11. Employ tactics like flanking and diversions to outmaneuver the enemy
  12. Use cover and sidearms when firefights erupt in close quarters
  13. Leverage environmental elements like bushes or water to break line of sight
  14. Carefully manipulate encounters by issuing orders to your capable squad
  15. Uncover side missions around Bolivia that build rebel support
  16. Take on bosses like high-ranking cartel members with unique abilities Become a tactical ops legend by exploring every approach and tool at your disposal. Bolivia reacts to your actions.

Features of Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia APK

  1. Huge open world spanning forests, deserts, salt flats, and cities
  2. Realistic ballistics and advanced enemy AI provide tactical depth
  3. Sync shot with AI squadmates for coordinated stealth attacks. -Wide arsenal of pistols, rifles, snipers, shotguns, LMGs and more
  4. Collect intel to expose cartel operations and high-value targets
  5. Deep weapon customization with attachments and component upgrades
  6. Diverse mission objectives keep gameplay fresh
  7. First-person perspective for precision aiming down sights
  8. Massive skill tree to unlock new combat abilities and bonuses
  9. Extreme draw distances render expansive landscapes
  10. Dynamic weather, like storms, affects visibility and gameplay
  11. Authentic Bolivian setting based on real locations
  12. Manipulate encounters with rebel support options
  13. Various vehicles like helicopters, muscle cars, and motorcycles
  14. Random events like hostage rescues keep world lively
  15. Challenge friends in asynchronous co-op for leaderboard glory With its immense solo campaign and tactical gameplay, Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia is a must for military shooter fans.

How to Download and Play

  • Download the Ghost Recon Wildlands APK and launch the app on your Android device. Allow permissions.
  • Optionally sign in with your Ubisoft account to unlock achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saves.
  • Complete the opening combat tutorial and squad training missions.
  • Use the map and GPS pathfinding to navigate to mission locations when ready.
  • Scout bases safely with your drone before infiltrating. Mark enemies so the AI squad can sync shots.
  • Use cover to avoid detection while sneaking into bases. Melee takedowns are the quietest.
  • When open combat erupts, flank enemies while squadmates pin them down.
  • Collect skill points to upgrade your Agent's abilities like health, stamina, drone range, etc.
  • Gather intel by interrogating enemies or hacking computers for useful mission data.
  • Mix stealth and action. Some missions, like raids, benefit from frontal assaults.
  • Help rebels push back cartel influence to gain bonuses like vehicle drops or mortar strikes.
  • Experiment with using various weapons and items for different playstyles.
  • Earn medals and ribbons by completing challenges to progress in rank.
  • For co-op, have friends join your game or play story missions via matchmaking.

What's New

  • Improved enemy AI behavior with more flanking and alert states
  • New side mission chains to undermine cartel influence
  • More collectible skill points scattered around Bolivia
  • Added mortars to raid enemy strongholds from a distance
  • New close-quarters lethal takedown animations
  • More ambulance and garrison supply trucks travel roads
  • Increased rebel support options when capturing territory
  • Improved audio design for immersive battlefield effects
  • More realistic injury effects on player characters
  • A new shotgun and sniper rifle added to available weapons
  • Added salt flats region, expanding the playable map size
  • New story missions involving high stakesExtraction Operations
  • Improved driving controls and vehicle handling
  • Optimized graphical performance for high FPS
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Reduced app download size via file compression
  • Improved matchmaking and connectivity in co-op mode
  • Added chat shortcuts for quicker squad communication


For an incredibly authentic and expansive military shooter experience on mobile, Ghost Recon Wildlands Bolivia APK delivers. Its sprawling open world based on real Bolivian locations provides immense tactical freedom. Scouting, stealth, assaulting, hacking, and interrogating—every approach has advantages against the vicious Santa Blanca cartel.

The core Ghost Recon gameplay translates excellently into intuitive mobile controls. Your AI squadmates enable issuing complex commands through simple inputs like marking targets. Touch feels great across shooting, driving vehicles, and navigating the living world.

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