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aug 01, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Looking for a huge collection of fun, free online games? Frivlegend brings thousands of addictive web games across every genre to your mobile device! As one of the largest HTML5 gaming portals, Frivlegend packs endless gameplay into a single app.

Enjoy popular action, driving, shooting, sports, and puzzle games without any downloads required. Frivlegend leverages instant-play HTML technology, so games load instantly in your browser. This makes it easy to switch games at any time. Just browse categories like Most Played, Top Rated, and New Games to discover fresh fun.

While many games are available directly online, the Frivlegend app provides a convenient aggregated hub. Search for and bookmark your favorite titles. Customize your profile, earn achievements, receive notifications, and more. Link up with friends or other players for multiplayer battles and leaderboard competitions worldwide.

Frivlegend transforms your Android into an instant arcade with no ads interrupting gameplay. Play during breaks, commutes, or whenever you have free time. With new games added weekly across diverse genres, boredom stands no chance against the might of Frivlegend!


  • Shooters: fast- Fast paced run-and-gun action Blast enemies and dodge bullets. Includes FPS, top-down, side-scrollers, platformers, and more.
  • Sports: Authentic simulations of soccer, basketball, downhill biking, skiing, racing, tennis, golf, and other sports
  • Action-Adventure: Epic quests with combat, exploration, and puzzles Hack and slash monsters, find treasures, and equip gear.
  • IO Games: Competitive free-for-alls with simple controls Outsmart opponents in battle royale, zombies, and territories.
  • Racing: realistic driving physics and responsive handling Drift around corners and boost on straightaways. Upgrade your ride.
  • Puzzle: match gems, plan pipe connections, merge numbers, and more. Relax and challenge your brain.
  • Retro Arcade: Reimagined classics from Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Bomberman, Asteroids, Arkanoid, and beyond Quick pick up and play
  • RPG: Level up your hero, battle enemies, and equip gear in fantasy worlds. Engaging stories and quests.
  • Strategy: Build bases, manage resources, and control armies in real-time battles. Outsmart your opponents.

Features of FrivLegend App

  1. Massive library with thousands of games across every popular genre. Tons of gameplay variety.
  2. New games are added weekly, so the fun never stops. Regularly discover fresh titles.
  3. No downloads are required; games play instantly in mobile browsers with HTML5. Universal compatibility.
  4. Smooth touchscreen controls are tailored to each title. Works great on phones and tablets.
  5. Optimized performance with lag-free gameplay. Graphics render quickly without hiccups.
  6. Leaderboards and achievements for competitive motivation and milestone tracking
  7. Multiplayer modes in many games allow players to battle friends and other players online.
  8. Customize your player profile with avatars, badges, and statuses. Show off your skills.
  9. Follow other players and see their activity and high scores. Discover your top competitors.
  10. No distracting or intrusive ads during actual gameplay for uninterrupted fun
  11. Easy navigation categories like Most Played, Top Rated, New Games, and more. Quick to find favorites.
  12. The search bar makes finding specific games a breeze. Just type the title or keyword.
  13. Supports offline play once games are cached in the browser. Full features without the internet.

How to Play and Download

  • Download and install the Frivlegend app for free from Delyrics.
  • Open the app and allow the requested permissions. Register for an account or play as a guest.
  • Browse featured categories like Most Played, Top Rated, and New Games, or use Search to find favorites.
  • Tap any game tile to open it. Games load directly in your browser.
  • For some games, you may need to confirm your age or wait a few seconds for content to cache.
  • Most games have brief instructions or guides explaining objectives and controls.
  • Touch controls allow moving, aiming, shooting, steering, and other actions. Very intuitive.
  • For shooters and action games, use the left virtual joystick to move and the right side to aim or look.
  • Racing games let you steer by tilting your device left or right. Tilt forward to accelerate.
  • Sports games have contextual controls like swiping to shoot or tapping to pass. Similar to real sports.
  • Puzzle and strategy games rely on pointing, tapping, dragging, and swiping game pieces.
  • Customize controls by visiting Settings and editing the touch overlay position and size.
  • Earn achievements by completing challenges. Achievements increase your player XP.
  • View leaderboard rankings by tapping icons during games. See how you stack up globally!
  • Frivlegend saves your progress automatically. You can return at any time to continue playing.

What's New

  • 50+ new games were added in the latest update across multiple genres. More variety than ever.
  • Improved full-screen mode on newer Android versions for more immersive gaming.
  • Added dark mode support for playing games with a sleek black background. Reduces eye strain.
  • New leaderboards were added for recently released games. See how you rank globally!
  • Additional multiplayer game modes were added to existing titles for competitive team battles.
  • The enhanced search function now lets you filter by tags like multiplayer, action, driving, and more.
  • The app now lets you save favorite games for quick access. Bookmark your go-to titles.
  • New avatars, badges, and profile customization items were added. Show your personality.
  • Added landscape mode support for playing games in widescreen orientation.
  • Improved caching so game files stay in the browser longer for quicker offline access.
  • General performance optimizations, especially on older Android models. Faster load times.
  • Bug fixes for any game glitches reported by users Smoother experience.
  • An in-app notification center was added to announce new games, events, updates, and news.


For unlimited free mobile gameplay, Frivlegend delivers big time. Its massive collection of instantly accessible HTML5 games provides endless fun across all genres. No downloads are required; just tap a game and start playing in seconds.

Smooth touchscreen controls optimized for each title make everything easily playable on the go. Whether you have a few minutes to burn or want an immersive, hours-long session, Frivlegend keeps boredom at bay. Regular new additions ensure fresh experiences for veterans and newcomers alike.

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