SINAG Fighting Game APK 1.1.0

다운로드 SINAG Fighting Game APK 1.1.0 Android 용 2024

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Ranida Games
1.1.0 Android 용
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8 02, 2023
1 GB
필수 안드로이드:
Android 7 and above
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Get ready to brawl with Sinag Fighting Game APK! This mobile 1v1 fighting game lets you battle it out with a wild cast of characters in intense PvP action.

Select from dozens of wildly unique fighters, each with their own fighting styles, special moves, and personalities. Duke it out in diverse arenas all over the world. Unleash combos, counterattacks, and devastating super moves to overcome rivals in hard-hitting duels.

The over-the-top cartoon visuals pop on mobile screens with smooth animations and effects. Intuitive touchscreen controls will have you pulling off moves with ease. Challenge opponents from around the world in real-time for leaderboard supremacy!

Sinag Fighting Game also shines in single-player modes like Tournament, Arcade, Survival, and more. Can you take down all the challengers? Climb from rookie to champion! Unlock new characters and costumes by progressing.

If you enjoy arcade-style fighting games like Street Fighter, Skullgirls, and Guilty Gear, the competitive combat in Sinag delivers a satisfyingly similar experience tailored expertly for mobile. Download now and step into the ring to prove you’re the best fighter!


  • Select from a diverse roster of wildly unique fighters, each with their own skills
  • Learn combo chains tapping attack buttons in sequence like light, medium, and heavy
  • Knock opponents down with heavy blows, then grapple them while they're grounded
  • Block incoming strikes by holding away from your opponent at the right time
  • Dodge sideways and counterattack when you see a slow, heavy blow coming
  • Tap special moves buttons to pull off character-specific powers
  • Charge up your super move meter by landing attacks, then unleash ultimate abilities
  • Manage your health bar, which depletes when you take hits. First to empty loses!
  • Learn enemy patterns and exploit openings in their defenses
  • Defeat all challengers in Arcade’s escalating gauntlets
  • Survive as long as possible against unrelenting waves in Survival
  • Compete in Tournaments to climb the brackets and earn the champion belt
  • Challenge worldwide players in real-time Ranked and Casual online matches
  • Earn coins and gems to unlock new fighters, costumes, arenas, and more!

Features of SINAG Fighting Game APK

  1. 1 vs 1 fighting game gameplay designed for mobile
  2. 35+ fighters with diverse fighting styles to master
  3. Lively arenas set all over the world
  4. Intuitive on-screen tap controls for punches, kicks, and blocks
  5. Cinematic super moves with stunning visual effects
  6. Hard-hitting combos chain normal moves together
  7. Grapples, throws, and ground attacks for advantage
  8. Real-time PvP battles against opponents worldwide
  9. Leaderboards to climb by winning matches
  10. Customize fighters with unlockable costumes
  11. Level up to unlock new characters and arenas
  12. Single-player Arcade, Survival, Tournament, and more
  13. Offline play supported; no internet required
  14. Smooth 60fps animation and gameplay
  15. Console-quality graphics and visual presentation
  16. Ultra-responsive controls and attack timing
  17. Familiar fighting game health bars, round system
  18. Supports gamepads like SteelSeries Stratus XL Become the ultimate fighter on the go with Sinag!

How to Download and Play

  • Download Sinag APK from Delyrics. Tap Start and select your fighter.
  • Basic controls: tapping the left side of the screen makes your fighter move left; tap right for the right side.
  • Tap the bottom-left red attack button for quick, light blows. Tap the heavier blue and yellow buttons for more damage.
  • Tap the buttons in combos like red-red-blue to do multi-hit combos.
  • Block incoming attacks by holding the top left area above your fighter. Timing is key!
  • Dodge left or right by quickly double-tapping either side of the screen when anticipating a big blow.
  • Tap the purple stars below your fighter to unleash powerful super moves!
  • Grapple or pick up downed opponents by tapping them. Then tap attack for free hits.
  • In single-player modes, defeat all opponents to finish Arcade, or survive as long as you can in Survival.
  • For PvP, enter the Online menu and tap Fight Now. You'll be matched with a real opponent.
  • Adjust controls and toggles in Settings like input delay, control opacity and size, and more.
  • Get coins and gems for winning matches. Spend these on new fighters and costumes.
  • Keep practicing combos and strategy! Outsmart your rivals to achieve victory.

What's New

  • New Jungle Arena environment with interactive vines
  • Added two new characters: military commando Dash and ninja assassin X
  • New alternate costumes for several fighters
  • New Super moves with dynamic camera angles
  • Multiplayer rematches: challenge the same opponent continuously
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm for better PvP connections
  • Increased maximum match time to 99 seconds
  • Additional Tournament brackets expanded the gauntlet
  • New survival mode map incorporating platforms and obstacles
  • Arcade mode balance tweaks provide fair challenge scaling
  • Updated icon designs on fighter selection screen
  • Reduced special move input delay for more responsive controls
  • Improved visual effects on super moves for more impact
  • Addressed minor bug fixes reported by players
  • Overall performance optimizations


For thrilling 1v1 fighting action on mobile, Sinag Fighting Game APK delivers. With a wild cast of 35+ fighters, killer combos, intense super moves, and modes like Survival, Tournament, and Online PvP, it provides a console-like experience tailored expertly for touchscreens.

The cartoon visuals pop with color, and fast 60 fps animation makes every blow feel hard-hitting. Intuitive tap and swipe controls will have you pulling off moves like a pro in no time. There’s plenty of depth to sink your teeth into mastering each unique fighter.

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