Dig Dug Girl APK 0.9.6 (Latest Version)

다운로드 Dig Dug Girl APK 0.9.6 (Latest Version) Android 용 2024

앱 작성자:
0.9.6 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
8 03, 2023
47 MB
필수 안드로이드:
Android 7 and above
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In Dig Dug Girl, you play as a brave explorer girl who digs deep under the ground. Your goal is to clear paths through the dirt and collect gems while avoiding or defeating roaming monsters. As you dig deeper, you'll discover secret rooms filled with rewards and power-ups.

With simple swipe or tap controls, anyone can learn to play Dig Dug Girl. The colorful cartoon graphics and cute lead character make it fun for all ages. It brings classic arcade gameplay to mobile with a great new twist.

If you like digging through mazes, finding hidden loot, and outsmarting enemies, you will love Dig Dug Girl. Journey through different environments under the ground, use power-ups to boost your skills, and challenge friends on the leaderboards. Download Dig Dug Girl APK now to start your digging adventure!


  • Swipe to move your character through the underground maze levels
  • Tap or swipe to dig through dirt blocks in your way
  • Collect gems scattered through the levels to increase your score
  • Avoid or defeat enemies roaming around by digging traps
  • Trap enemies by quickly digging holes and leading them to fall in
  • Defeat enemies by pumping them up until they pop when trapped in holes
  • Use power-ups to get abilities like faster digging or stronger attacks
  • Discover hidden doors leading to secret rooms filled with coins and gems
  • Explore deeper underground across different environments like forests, deserts, ice and more
  • Each level increases in difficulty with more complex mazes and enemies
  • Compete against friends or other players on global leaderboards
  • Win achievements by completing challenges
  • Easy controls allow anyone to quickly learn digging, trapping enemies and collecting treasures

Features of Dig Dug Girl APK

  1. The cute main character, Dig Dug Girl, is on a quest underground
  2. Simple swipe or tap controls allow you to move, dig and defeat enemies
  3. Maze-like levels set in different environments like forests, deserts, ice and more
  4. Trap roaming enemies by quickly digging holes for them to fall into.
  5. Defeat trapped enemies by pumping air into them until they pop
  6. Collect gems scattered through levels to increase your score
  7. Discover hidden rooms filled with coins, gems and power-ups
  8. Power-ups grant abilities like faster digging or stronger attacks
  9. Leaderboards to compete against friends and players globally
  10. Earn achievements by completing challenges
  11. An easy learning curve helps you quickly master gameplay
  12. Colorful cartoon graphics with a cute style
  13. Fun for all ages, from kids to adults
  14. Works offline so you can play anywhere

How to Download and Play

  • Download and install the Dig Dug Girl APK from Delyrics.
  • Launch the app and tap Play to start the game.
  • Swipe your finger on the screen to move the Dig Dug Girl character around the maze.
  • Tap or swipe to dig through any dirt blocks in your way.
  • Collect any gems you see scattered around the level.
  • Avoid or trap the enemies roaming the maze before they catch you.
  • To trap enemies, quickly dig holes and lead them inside.
  • Once trapped, rapidly tap on them to pump air and make them pop.
  • After defeating them, collect the bonuses they leave, like coins or power-ups.
  • Use the power-ups you find to improve your abilities.
  • Discover hidden doors leading to rooms with special rewards.
  • Progress through levels and environments, getting harder as you go.
  • Compete against friends or globally on the leaderboards.
  • Earn achievements for completing specific challenges.

What's New

  • Five new levels have been added, taking place in an icy underground environment
  • The new power-up "Super Pump" defeats enemies faster when trapped
  • Special monthly events provide chances to win rare prizes
  • Improved enemy AI for more lifelike movement and reactions
  • Added checkpoints to allow restarting from mid-level if you lose
  • Daily login bonus rewards include power-ups and gems


Dig Dug Girl APK delivers an entertaining mobile twist on classic arcade maze games. Guide the cute explorer character through underground levels filled with dirt to dig through, enemies to defeat, treasures to find, and power-ups to collect.

With simple controls, colorful graphics, and varied environments, Dig Dug Girl makes digging through mazes an accessible adventure for all ages. Finding surprises underground and using power-ups keeps gameplay fresh across hundreds of levels.

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