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Apr 01, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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You tend to get caught up in the cycle of Asian dramas when you're so into them. The first is discovering a Korean drama show by accident. It doesn't take long for Netflix to become insufficient to satisfy your cravings after you get hooked. The good news is that Viki Premium is here to save the day!

In addition to Korean dramas, they offer virtually every Asian drama. It's like Netflix for Asian drama shows! Additionally, you can watch Asian movies. Drama is not the only category here, there are also action, comedy, detective, and many more. It's worth reading this post until the end if you're as curious as we are!

The Drama Fever

Over the past few years, Asian drama fever has increased dramatically. We can see their impact and reach even in Western countries, which have always outdone Asian entertainment. Now, even foreigners are so enamored with Asian dramas that Netflix may not be enough.

If you're a die-hard Asian drama fan, then you probably know how difficult it is to find a good show or movie you can binge watch. This is mainly due to Netflix, Bee TV, and other streaming giants showcasing only mainstream Asian shows and movies. Most of the public is unaware of these gems.

It's great to have Viki Premium now! You will find everything you need to know about Asian drama here. In the anime community, Crunchyroll is the streaming platform for all Asian dramas.

What does Viki Offer?

Viki created a unique and engaging platform to appeal to Asian drama fans. Take a look at the features they offer.

Korea Dramas - The Korean drama or Kdrama genre has grown immensely in the past ten years. It can now compete with mainstream Hollywood movies and shows on Netflix. Every year, more and more Kdramas are made due to their popularity. This app is a haven for fans of these! There are a lot of Kdramas available on Viki Premium, along with some hidden gems.

Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese Dramas - Thanks to Kdrama's popularity, other Asian dramas are also gaining popularity. All in one app, you can now stream thousands of shows and movies from Taiwan, China, and Japan.

Movies – A movie lover can also watch their favorite Asian movies while watching their favorite Asian movies. In the app, you'll find plenty of these!

The Korean pop scene - If you're a fan of Kpop, you can also watch variety shows, award shows, and more featuring groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and more.

Watch list - Like most streaming platforms, Viki Premium lets you create custom watch lists. By saving your favorite shows to your list, you can binge-watch them later.

Learn Mode - Viki Premium has a unique feature called Learn Mode where you can learn Asian languages such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. You'll get two subtitles in one show when you turn this on. You will need one for English and one for the language you wish to learn.

Commenting and subtitles - You can also leave comments near certain time stamps for other viewers to see! Additionally, you can join the volunteer community that translates shows in over 150 languages! Win prizes by helping other people understand these shows.

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