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3.40 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 10, 2024
73 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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Smartphones are used for almost every occasion today. We can't imagine a world without them now that they have become such an integral part of our lives. We use them for taking photos and videos, listening to music, playing games, chatting with family and friends, and even watching movies. There are times, however, when the small screens aren't enough for the videos we watch. If this is the case, you can download Tubio Premium to start watching online videos on your TV!

This remote is published by AE Software, and you can use it to watch online videos. Using this app, you can connect to your TV wirelessly and discover online videos. You will need to connect both your Smart TV and your phone to the same WiFi network for this to work. As you control everything with your phone, you can watch videos and listen to music in real-time. Doesn't that sound convenient?

From Phone to TV

It's no secret that we live in a world where anything we want can be obtained instantly. Our world is filled with instant coffee, instant ramen, smartphones, and many other technological marvels. Every day, countless apps are created just so that we can live more conveniently. TVs and smartphones are some of the most common devices in our homes today. You can use your phone as a TV remote to control what you watch. Did you know that?

Today, you can discover online videos through Tubio Premium, which can be turned into your TV. You can also play music from your phone on your TV right now. You can now enjoy online videos with a larger screen and incredible sound with this technology. Using this app on your phone, you can watch YouTube videos or listen to music.

It also supports DLNA/UPnP/AllShare, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Samsung, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more!

Tubio Premium Features

Tubio Premium lets you watch videos from your phone on your TV? You can enjoy it in a variety of ways.

From smartphone to TV - The world has come a long way thanks to smartphones and the internet. Many advancements have been made as a result of these things, allowing people to do many things. Streaming videos, playing online games, and taking photos/videos conveniently have become commonplace today. Using Tubio Premium, you can easily connect your phone to your TV to enjoy your videos on a larger screen! You can connect your TV wirelessly with this app!

It is necessary to connect your TV and smartphone to the same network for this to work. Obviously, this app will allow you to browse your favorite websites and watch videos. You can also play music from your phone for a more immersive experience! With this app, you can do so many things.

Supported Software and Devices - This app supports many players, including all DNA/UPnP/AllShare Smart TVs, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Pioneer, Toshiba, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV Airplay, Nexus Player, Android TV, and more. The app will support your TV if this is the case. Check your TV's box for the DLNA logo if you're not sure if it's supported.

Alternatively, you can download this app for free today and try it for yourself. You can easily enjoy it today with this. The best part about this app is that it automatically discovers all your connected devices. As soon as you enter the room, you're connected!

Play Videos and Music Online - You can cast anything you see on the internet on your TV using this app. From YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more, you can watch videos on your TV. There are many other music streaming services you can use, such as Mixcloud, Spotify, and Soundcloud. You can enjoy watching today with a bigger screen and surround sound with this app.

Using your phone as a TV remote - You can conveniently use your phone as a TV remote to control your TV! You can play, pause, speed up, or stop here. Today, you can also adjust the volume using your phone!

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