Tabby Dating App 2.4.0 Download For Free

Tabby Dating App 2.4.0 Download For Free

App By:
Dig Dates, Inc.
2.4.0 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 01, 2023
200.4 MB
Required Android:
Android 7 and above

Welcome to the purrfect world of Tabby Dating App, where furry friends can find their soulmates and make paw-some connections! Whether you have whiskers, paws, or simply adore our furry friends, this app is tailor-made to help you find companionship, love, and friendship within the cozy realm of cat lovers.

Tabby Dating App is the go-to platform for all cat enthusiasts, designed with simplicity and fun in mind. In this delightful world of virtual paw prints and meows, users can swipe right to show interest in potential matches or swipe left to gently decline. Whether you're a kitty aficionado looking for love or a pet lover seeking like-minded friends, Tabby Dating App is the place to be.



The gameplay of Tabby Dating App is as simple as a playful kitten chasing a yarn ball! Once you download and open the app, you'll be greeted with a friendly registration process that ensures your profile reflects the true cat-loving spirit within you. The app will ask you some basic questions and even let you add a cute picture of yourself and your feline companion (if you have one).

Next, you'll dive into the main screen, where you'll find a stack of adorable profile cards featuring other cat enthusiasts. Swipe right on a profile card if you're interested in connecting with that person, and if they swipe right on your profile too, it's a match! Congratulations, you've found someone who shares your love for all things whiskers!

But don't worry if a match doesn't happen right away; the app will keep bringing more profiles for you to explore. You can also chat with your matches and build a purr-fect connection.

Features of Tabby Dating App 

  1. Feline-Friendly Profiles: Create your charming profile and let other users see your love for cats. Share pictures of your furry friends and yourself to create a connection that goes beyond words.
  2. Cat-Centric Matching: The app uses a clever algorithm to find users who share similar interests and love for cats, increasing the chances of finding that special someone.
  3. Pawsome Chat: Engage in lively conversations with your matches. Share stories, discuss your favorite cat breeds, and exchange delightful meows!
  4. Cat-Themed Stickers: Express yourself in style with a range of cat-themed stickers. From adorable paw prints to quirky meow emojis, there's a sticker for every occasion.
  5. Playful Icebreakers: If you're unsure how to start a conversation, the app offers fun and creative icebreakers to get the ball of yarn rolling!
  6. Safety First: Tabby Dating App takes privacy and safety seriously. All profiles and interactions are monitored to ensure a pleasant and secure environment for everyone.

How to Download:

  • Download: Download the app from the Delyrics. They'll make sure everything is set up safely.
  • Create Your Special Profile: Once the app is ready, it's time to tell everyone how much you love cats! Make a profile by saying things about yourself and why you adore fluffy cats. You can even show off a cute picture of your own whiskered buddy!
  • Start Exploring: Now the fun begins! On the app, you'll see pictures of other people who love cats just like you do. If you think they seem nice and want to be friends, swipe their picture to the right. If you're not interested, swipe to the left. It's like saying "hello" or "no thanks" to new cat-loving pals.
  • Meow! It's a Match!: Guess what? If someone you like also swipes right on your picture, it's a match! That's awesome because you both love cats, and now you can chat with each other. Yay, you made a new friend!
  • Chat About Cat Stories: Once you have a match, you can talk to each other using the app's messages. Share your favorite cat stories, talk about cute things cats do, or anything you both love about furry friends.
  • Use Cute Cat Stickers: Oh, this is super fun! The app has cute cat stickers that you can use while chatting. They show how much you love cats and make your chats more exciting!
  • Be Kind and Polite: Remember, it's essential to be kind and polite, just like how you treat your own cat. If you don't like someone or want to stop chatting, it's okay to say so nicely. Treating others with respect is the best way to make friends.

What's New on Tabby Dating App:

  • Cat Groups: Join cat-themed groups where you can meet like-minded individuals, discuss your favorite feline topics, and share adorable cat pictures.
  • Meow Match: A new mini-game has been added! Play Meow Match and connect colorful cat tiles to earn special rewards and show off your feline gaming skills.
  • Cat-tastic Events: Stay tuned for exciting cat-centric events and contests where you can win pawsome prizes and showcase your love for cats.
  • Enhanced Chat Features: Enjoy an improved chat experience with animated cat emojis and playful chat backgrounds to make your conversations even more enjoyable.


You've now mastered the art of Tabby Dating App. It's a place where you can find friends who love cats just like you do! Play the fun Meow Match game, join cat-themed groups, and enjoy chatting with other cat enthusiasts. Always remember to be nice and show your love for cats, and you'll have a pawsome time in this delightful app. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the world of Tabby Dating App – a place where hearts meet, and paws unite! Meow-tastic fun awaits!

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