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v2.6.7.1 for Android
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Feb 22, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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As of now accessible without charge on, Rest Screen Master APK (Premium opened) provides advanced rest observing highlights. Utilizing this app, you'll track rest stages, record rest sounds, and get to smart rest scores.

Get the foremost out of your rest with Sleep Monitor Master APK

Utilizing Rest Screen Professional APK, you'll screen and progress your rest on your gadget. On the off chance that you've continuously craved distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved">a stronger night's rest, this inventive app is the reply. Rest Screen Professional APK offers a comprehensive set of highlights that go past insignificant observing for fledglings and prepared rest devotees alike. Utilizing it, you'll make educated choices to make strides the quality of your rest by understanding the complexities of your rest designs. This app gives profitable experiences into propensities, from recording wheezes or dreams to checking pre-sleep affect. Highlighting Rest Patterns, Rest Organize following, and a soothing lullaby library, Rest Screen Master APK changes your rest schedule into a reviving experience. Embrace a well-rested, dynamic you by saying farewell to restless nights.

The Reliable Companion: Why Rest Screen Master APK Wins Hearts

It's the key highlights of Rest Screen Master APK that make it one of the foremost well known and trusted apps for progressing rest quality. Here are a few of the most highlights that have earned the believe of users:

Rest patterns to make strides rest quality: This app gives week by week and month to month insights on your rest designs. By following rest quality patterns over time, clients can make educated alterations to their rest habits.

Record wheezing and dreams: This special highlight records rest sounds, including wheezing. The app serves both as an instructive and amusement apparatus, permitting clients to way better get it their sleeping patterns.

Rest propensities: Clients can stamp their resting habits such as eating, drinking, working out, and enthusiastic state some time recently they go to rest. In this way, they can watch how these propensities influence their rest quality and make changes accordingly.

Accurate sleep stage tracking: Utilizing mouthpiece sensors and accelerometers, this app measures body developments and changes in natural commotion. The information is at that point utilized to recognize rest stages, counting non-REM and REM.

Rest scores and experiences: The app produces rest scores, sleep cycle design, and point by point rest measurements each morning. In arrange to form vital alterations, clients get a comprehensive diagram of their rest quality.

Savvy Caution Clock: A shrewd alert clock permits clients to set savvy cautions when they are waking up within the morning or taking a rest. With these cautions, clients wake up tenderly, guaranteeing a reviving begin to the day.

Rest Screen Master APK: The encapsulation of gadget compatibility

The world of innovation is constantly evolving and broadening, which is why finding apps that coordinated consistently with a assortment of gadgets is getting to be progressively imperative. An unparalleled assortment of devices is bolstered by Rest Screen Professional APK, a prevalent rest following app. This flexible rest following arrangement has been carefully outlined to meet your special needs and inclinations, in any case of whether you're an Android or iOS enthusiast.

Gadgets that run Android

The app was initially created for Android gadgets and proceeds to exceed expectations in its compatibility with all types of Android devices. Whether you're a flagship smartphone, a mid-range model, or even an older Android device, this app runs smoothly on all of them. Androids are different from other smartphones. With its user-friendly interface, users across the Android ecosystem can easily navigate and utilize its powerful features. Android compatibility proves the app's commitment to inclusivity. By bridging the gap between users with different Android device preferences, it ensures that individuals with diverse technological backgrounds can benefit from its comprehensive sleep tracking features.

Horizon's iOS compatibility

The developers of Sleep Monitor Pro APK are keenly aware of the importance of inclusivity in the modern digital era, even though Android is the main platform. Therefore, they are actively working to expand iOS compatibility. In the near future, iPhone and iPad users will also have access to the app's advanced sleep tracking features. The app's upcoming availability on iOS devices further establishes its reputation as a versatile and accessible sleep tracking solution. Various operating systems.

Compatibility with tablets

Tablet devices can also use this app because of its versatility. Its layout and functionality adapt seamlessly to the tablet screen if you want to track and analyze sleep on a larger screen. Regardless of the device you choose, you will have a comfortable and intuitive experience. Tablet compatibility enhances the app's visual experience while maintaining accurate sleep tracking capabilities.

Sleep Monitor Pro APK Mod unlocks premium features

Having trouble sleeping and longing for a deeper, more refreshing sleep? Sleep Monitor Pro APK Mod can change your sleep experience with a host of premium features. Unlock these exclusive features to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a world of restful sleep.

Personalize sleep tracking: Make adjustments to fit your own preferences and needs. You have complete control over your sleep environment, alarm settings, or notifications with this premium feature.

Download the recording: You can now download recordings to get a deeper understanding of your sleep analysis. You can access and save audio from your sleep with this premium feature. Through the power of sound, it's not just about tracking; it's about understanding your sleep.

Always back up your sleep records: Don't lose track of your sleep progress. You can save up to 30 of your latest sleep records directly in this app. It goes even further by backing up all your historical records on the server. As a result, you can access your valuable sleep data anywhere, anytime.

A distraction-free experience: Say goodbye to interruptions. You will get an ad-free experience with this premium version, so you can focus only on improving the quality of your sleep. Pop-ups and banner ads will no longer interrupt your sleep.