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1.0 for Android
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May 13, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Do you think your partner might be having an affair? Or maybe you already know you're being lied to, but you don't have enough proof to tell them. You might be a worried parent who wants to keep an eye on what your kids do on their phones. "Descobrindo o Segredo" (Discovering the Secret) is an innovative tracking app that will help you find out the truth step by step.

With "Descobrindo o Segredo," you'll learn how to copy WhatsApp on both Android and iOS devices. This amazing feature gives you access to different kinds of communication, such as text messages, voice recordings, and even real-time tracking of your position. You can also look through their photo gallery, see what keys they pressed, see newly added contacts, and do many other things to get the evidence you need.

Below, we give a full rundown of the "Descobrindo o Segredo" app's features and functions so that you can see how it can help you find out the truth.

Key Features of "Descobrindo o Segredo":

1. WhatsApp Cloning

One of the best things about "Descobrindo o Segredo" is that it can copy WhatsApp on both Android and iOS devices. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can get full access to the target person's WhatsApp account. This lets you read their messages, listen to their voice recordings, and look through their media files.

2. Real-time location tracking

Worried about where your partner is? With "Descobrindo o Segredo," you can find out where they are right now. This function uses GPS to give them accurate and up-to-date information about where they are and what they are doing. You'll be able to keep an eye on them without them knowing, whether they're at work, out with friends, or anywhere else.

Want to know what photos and videos your partner or child has on their phone or tablet? "Descobrindo o Segredo" lets you see their gallery from a distance. You can look through their multimedia files, which will give you a full picture of their digital life and could show you anything shady.

4. Keystroke monitoring

"Descobrindo o Segredo" lets you track the person's keystrokes so you can learn more about what they are doing. This means you can see everything they type on their device, including texts, passwords, and search queries. Keystroke monitoring is a strong way to find hidden information and figure out how people use their computers.

5. Recent Contacts

Find out who your child or partner has been adding to their list of contacts lately. "Descobrindo o Segredo" gives you access to the target person's contacts, so you can see the new ones. This function can be especially helpful if you think your partner is talking to someone new or if your child is making friends with people you don't know.

6. Additional Features

In addition to the key features listed above, "Descobrindo o Segredo" has a number of other features that can help you manage better. These things are:

Call history tracking: Look at the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on the gadget of the person you want to spy on.

SMS tracking:  Read the text messages that the target person sent and received to learn more about how they talked.

Web browsing history: Access the websites that the target person visits to find out what they might be doing online.

Social media monitoring: Watch what they do on well-known social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


"Descobrindo o Segredo" is a powerful monitoring program that can help you find out the truth in many different scenarios. This app has step-by-step instructions and a wide range of features to help you, whether you think your partner is cheating on you or you need to keep an eye on what your kids are doing on their phones.

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