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Download Restore Her Career APK 0.26 for Android 2024

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0.26 for Android
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Aug 01, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Tired of mundane match-3 puzzle games? Restore Her Career APK brings a fresh new twist to the genre. This unique title blends match-3 gameplay with an interactive storytelling experience. Players must help ambitious entrepreneur Yvette regain her successful lifestyle after suddenly losing everything.

As Yvette’s mentor, you’ll match icons on a grid-based map to gather resources. These resources can then be used to rebuild Yvette’s career step by step. You’ll guide her from being broke and unemployed to buying her dream house and starting her own company. The choices you make shape Yvette’s path to success.

With over 1000 levels, the match-3 puzzle gameplay keeps the restoration process engaging. Matching 3 or more icons earns you coins, power-ups, and other benefits to progress Yvette’s career. Her story unfolds through beautifully illustrated comic-book-style cutscenes.

Restore Her Career APK mixes casual, bite-sized puzzle solving with an impactful narrative. The uplifting story of empowerment and redemption keeps you invested in Yvette's journey. Download now to begin matching icons that directly help rebuild the career of this inspiring entrepreneur!


  • Each level presents a grid-based map covered in random icons that must be matched.
  • Match three or more identical icons horizontally or vertically to clear them from the board.
  • Clearing icons earns coins, unlocks power-ups, and generates Career Points.
  • Career Points (CP) are used to purchase upgrades along Yvette’s career path when exiting a level.
  • Upgrades include things like new outfits, furniture, vehicles, offices, and businesses.
  • New levels unlock as you help Yvette progress from being broke to becoming a successful CEO.
  • Some levels have locked tiles that require special power-ups to clear, adding challenge.
  • Power-ups like hammers, rockets, and bombs help clear stubborn icons and score big matches.
  • Variable level goals include collecting X amount of a certain icon, reaching a high score, clearing all tiles, and more.
  • Optional hints provide help beating tricky levels if you get stuck. Use them wisely, though, as they cost CP.
  • Yvette’s story evolves through comic-style cutscenes between levels. The narrative reflects your progress.
  • Mini-games occasionally break up the matching gameplay with quick bonus challenges.

Features of Restore Her Career APK

  1. 1000+ match-3 puzzle levels with increasing difficulty, providing hours of gameplay.
  2. Integrated interactive storytelling where your matches directly shape the protagonist's career.
  3. Gorgeous comic book style cutscenes that bring the compelling narrative to life.
  4. Varied level goals like High Score, Collect X Icons, Clear All Tiles, Drop Items, and more to keep things fresh.
  5. Power-ups like Hammer, Bomb, Rocket, and Lightning to help create matches and clear stuck tiles.
  6. Career Points (CP) earned by clearing levels, used to purchase story upgrades and perks.
  7. 100+ story upgrades to buy including outfits, furniture, vehicles, businesses, offices, and more.
  8. Optional hints to help you beat challenging levels at the cost of some CP.
  9. Daily bonus for logging in each day giving free CP to progress faster.
  10. Interstitial ads only between levels for non-intrusive monetization.
  11. Cloud save support so you can sync progress across multiple devices.
  12. Enjoyable soundtrack and sound effects to complement the matching gameplay.
  13. Auto-save so you never lose progress if you exit the game.

How to Play and Download

  • Download and install the Restore Her Career APK from the Delyrics. The download is free.
  • Open the app and allow requested permissions. Tap Start to begin.
  • optionally sign into your Google Play account to sync saves, or play as a guest.
  • Watch the brief tutorial explaining the game’s core mechanics.
  • Yvette will introduce herself in a cutscene and set the story premise. Tap to advance.
  • Each level presents a match-3 board filled with icons of different shapes, colors and types.
  • Make horizontal or vertical matches by swapping any two adjacent icons to line up 3 or more of the same type.
  • Matched icons will be cleared from the board and new icons will fall from the top to fill gaps.
  • Try forming matches quickly in fast succession to build bigger combos for higher scores.
  • Earn Career Points (CP) by clearing levels quickly and skillfully to hit level goals.
  • Spend CP after levels to purchase upgrades moving Yvette’s career forward through cutscenes.
  • As you progress, levels get more complex with locked icon obstacles. Use power-ups to overcome these.
  • Activate power-ups like Hammer, Bomb, Lightning, and Rocket by matching their icons when they appear.
  • Optionally watch video ads between levels to earn useful power-ups or extra CP.
  • Track your story progress and scores on the main map. Replay levels to improve.
  • Enjoy the uplifting tale of Yvette rebuilding her successful career through your efforts!

What's New

  • Added 50 brand new match-3 levels continuing Yvette's career journey. More puzzles to enjoy!
  • 5 new comic story cutscenes added advancing the plot. See the next chapter of Yvette's tale unfold.
  • New tropical BEACH location added! Match icons to help Yvette travel here.
  • 12 new beach outfits, furniture sets, and decor added to unlock for Yvette on her tropical getaway.
  • New icon type - the rare Prism Icon. Matching it activates powerful abilities like clearing the whole row or column.
  • Prism Power-up added to the boards. Trigger it to spawn a Prism Icon for big matches.
  • New level goals focused around dropping items through matched icons. Adds fresh challenge.
  • Improved asset loading speeds for faster level initialization and transitions.
  • Added haptic feedback for matching icons. Satisfying vibration on matches.
  • Fixes for a few minor bugs reported by players.
  • Overall optimizations for smoother gameplay.


Restore Her Career APK provides a refreshing twist to standard match-3 games with its integrated narrative experience. As players match icons on grid-based puzzle boards, they directly shape the career redemption story of the lead character Yvette. Clearing levels earns you points to purchase story upgrades that rebuild Yvette’s life step-by-step.

The compelling tale of empowerment provides strong motivation to keep progressing through over 1000 varied match-3 puzzle levels. Cute comic book style cutscenes between levels reinforce how your puzzling efforts are transforming Yvette’s world. Interactive storytelling has never blended so seamlessly with casual gameplay before.

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