Joolee Kalimba APK 2.6 (Latest Version)

Download Joolee Kalimba APK 2.6 (Latest Version) for Android 2024

2.6 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 31, 2023
105 MB
Required Android:
Android 7 and above
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Have you ever wanted to play beautiful music on an easy and fun instrument? With the Joolee Kalimba app, you can learn to play the kalimba!

The kalimba is a special musical instrument from Africa that has metal tines you pluck with your thumbs. It makes magical twinkling sounds, like a piano combined with a harp. The kalimba is perfect for beginners because it's so easy to learn.

In the Joolee Kalimba app, you’ll find tutorials, songs, backing music tracks, and guides to becoming a kalimba master. Just place your phone inside your kalimba soundbox to follow along and play.

Learning kalimba improves memory, coordination, and creativity. And playing music is relaxing and uplifting! This article will teach you how to start playing the kalimba using this helpful app.

How to Play

  • Download this game from Delyrics. Open it when installed.
  • Next, place your phone inside the round soundbox of your kalimba board. Position it near the tines.
  • In the app, pick from Beginner or Advanced modes. Start with Beginner if you’re new to kalimba.
  • You’ll see notation for songs appear on the screen. Play along by plucking the correct tines with your thumbs!
  • Helpful numbers indicate which tines match with the notes. Just match the number patterns as you play.
  • The app listens to your playing and gives real-time feedback. If you miss a note, it rewinds, so you can try again!
  • Complete the lessons to unlock new songs. You’ll quickly learn to take notes and build finger coordination.
  • For a bigger challenge, try the advanced mode songs. Or practice with professional backing music tracks.
  • You can slow down songs as needed to learn at your own pace. Pause and replay sections too.
  • Stick with it, and you’ll be playing beautiful kalimba songs in no time! The app makes learning super quick and enjoyable.

Features of Joolee Kalimba APK

  1. Step-by-Step Lessons: Learn the basics and build up to full songs.
  2. Sheet Music: Notation shows which tines match each note.
  3. Number Guidance: Numbers indicate the time for each note.
  4. Feedback on Playing: It Listens and lets you retry missed notes.
  5. Fun Songs: covers pop hits, classics, folk, anime music, and more.
  6. Different Skill levels—beginner to advanced modes
  7. Backing Instrumentals: Practice songs with professional backing music.
  8. Adjustable Tempo: Speed up or slow down songs to learn.
  9. Loop Sections: Replay tricky parts over and over.
  10. Daily Goals: The App sets goals, like playing 10 minutes a day.
  11. Analytics: Track your progress over time.
  12. Community: Share your playing and learn from others.

What’s New

  • Added 25 new pop song covers, including hits by Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Lizzo, and more.
  • You can enable new note sticker guides that show numbered stickers above each note during songs.
  • Improved tempo adjustment with more gradations from 50% to 200% speed.
  • Daily goals now track longer-term streaks for consistency.
  • fixed an issue with playback delay on some devices when using the app.
  • added a community feed to share your playing videos and comment on others.


The Joolee Kalimba app makes learning easy and enjoyable for beginners. With step-by-step lessons, helpful visual guidance, and fun songs to play along to, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn.

Download the free app on your phone or tablet. Just place it in your kalimba soundbox to follow the notation. Tap the tines to match the numbers to play beautiful notes and songs!

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