Fantasy Amusement Park APK (Final Version)

Fantasy Amusement Park APK (Final Version)

App By:
cat paw game
Final for Android
Updated On:
Jul 31, 2023
3.05 GB
Required Android:
Android 7 and above

Imagine an amusement park filled with magical rides, incredible shows, delicious treats, and fun games! That's what you get in Fantasy Amusement Park, a brand new app for your phone or tablet.

In Fantasy Amusement Park, you can design every part of your own magical amusement park. Add popular rides like rollercoasters, carousels, and drop towers. Build theaters for spectacular shows starring singers, acrobats, and comedians. Construct restaurants to serve tantalizing foods like cotton candy, ice cream, and hot dogs. There are also stands for whack-a-mole, water gun games, and prize wheels.

You can place pathways, ponds, trees, and decorations to really bring your park to life. Customize the staff working at the park too! Unlock new rides and features as you play. The possibilities for creating your perfect fantasy amusement park are endless!

How to Play

  • Download the this game from Delyrcs. Install it on your Android phone or tablet. Open the app when ready.
  • Tap "New Park" to begin designing your custom amusement park. Choose park themes like enchanted forest, space frontier, tropical paradise, or medieval castle.
  • Start placing rides, restaurants, game stands, paths, scenery, and more in your park. Tap the bottom toolbar then tap the item you want to add. Drag and drop it where you want.
  • Make sure to connect paths so guests can walk around. Tap structures to customize colors, effects, and music. Manage prices at food stalls and rides.
  • Guests will start walking in and enjoying your park. Tap them to see thoughts and what rides they like. Make sure to add bathrooms so they stay happy!
  • Complete daily goals like getting a certain number of guests or building specific rides. This will earn you coins to unlock more items.
  • Have fun designing elaborately themed areas of your park and watching guests react. Let your creativity run wild!

Features of Fantasy Amusement Park APK

  1. Park Builder - Design every aspect like rides, restaurants, stalls, paths, scenery, staff, and more!
  2. Themed Areas - Create elaborately themed lands like pirate coves, western towns, sci-fi zones, magical forests.
  3. Customize Everything - Choose colors, music, effects, prices, and decorations for all structures.
  4. Exciting Rides - Build rollercoasters, carousels, freefall rides, merry-go-rounds, trains, and other popular rides.
  5. Entertaining Shows - Add theaters and stages for singers, magicians, acrobats, fire dancers, and comedians.
  6. Delicious Foods - Construct restaurants, food carts, ice cream shops, and snack stands that guests will enjoy.
  7. Fun Games - Add prize wheels, strength testers, water gun races, whack-a-mole, and other game stands.
  8. Realistic Guests - Park attendees react to your park and ride attractions just like in real life!

What's New

  • New circus/carnival themed pack with clown shows, animal acts, funhouse mirrors, and more.
  • Added 15 new rides across different theme genres like airplanes, invertigo, and swinger rides.
  • Improved guest behavior and happiness mechanics. They now stay longer and spend more money.
  • Added staff management features to hire entertainers, janitors, repairmen, and security.
  • New scenarios with predefined objectives, unlocked items, and bonus goals.
  • Many optimizations to improve game performance, graphics, and interface.


Fantasy Amusement Park lets you design the theme park of your dreams, with exciting rides, entertaining shows, fun games, and realistic park guests.

Let your creativity soar as you build themed lands and customize every structure. Download the Fantasy Amusement Park APK on your Android device to start playing.

Make sure to get permission from parents first before installing apps. Building your perfect theme park is just a few taps away with the easy and intuitive Fantasy Amusement Park app! Construct an epic fantasy park today!

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