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v1.6 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
60.31 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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It's dimmi chi sei! Clients can discover who they are by replying to an arrangement of questions in an APK. It gives a fun and locks-in way to learn more about oneself, created by a group of developers.


Assessment of Personality

A point-by-point identity profile is created by analyzing the user's reactions utilizing progressed calculations. Clients can decide their characteristics, characteristics, and inclinations by replying to multiple-choice questions.

Security and privacy

It's dimmi chi sei! APK prioritizes the protection and security of its clients. All client information is scrambled and safely put away by the app. If wanted, clients can stay anonymous.

An in-depth analysis

Among the zones secured by the app are openness, scruples, extraversion, appropriateness, and neuroticism. By doing so, clients can pick up a more profound understanding of their identity characteristics and how they impact their behavior.

Sharing and comparing

Users can compare their identity profiles with other clients who have completed the same appraisal. Utilizing this instrument, you can see how you compare to others in terms of similitudes and contrasts. Additionally, clients can share their experiences with companions, and family, and on social media.


Let's dim the lights! Learning almost yourself through APK is both engaging and edifying. The user-friendly interface, identity appraisal, and point by point investigation of identity characteristics of this app empower you to pick up important bits of knowledge about who you truly are. Dimmi Chi Sei is presently accessible for download! Download the APK nowadays and find your genuine self!

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