Daily Lives Of My Countryside APK

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App By:
NLT Media
v0.2.6.1 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
215 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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Have you had a dull day? If so, Daily Lives Of My Countryside is the game for you. With its addictive gameplay and exciting views, this game will keep you entertained for hours. To relieve stress, we all need some fun, and this game provides it. Characters in the game are attractive and will make you fall in love with them. Doesn't that sound exciting? That's great! Learn more about the game's features by reading on.

About Daily Lives Of My Countryside

'Daily Lives Of My Countryside' is a free simulation game that you can play on your Android device. There are exciting elements in the game. Characters are the most attractive part of the story. Aunt Daisy, Anna, Mrs. Emmi, and more beautiful characters will appear in the game. Players will be attracted to the game's beautiful 2D graphics and creative art.

A young boy spends his holidays at his aunt's house in the game. Among the activities you can perform in the game are milking a cow, doing dishes, and many others. Assist your aunt Daisy, Anna, and other game characters with their work to impress them. It will also boost your relationships with them. Aside from that, you will be enchanted by the game's stunning visuals and scenes.

Features of Daily Lives Of My Countryside APK:

Gameplay that is addictive

Gameplay in the game is addictive, keeping players hooked for a long time. Play as a young boy spending holidays with his aunt and cousins. Anywhere you go, you can interact with people, and you can do anything you want.

Characters of beauty

In the game, you will meet beautiful characters. Aunt Daisy and your cousin Daisy are the first two characters you'll meet. The two of them look attractive and are both beautiful. Interacting with them can boost your relationship.

There are many things to do

You can participate in many activities in the game. Farming activities include growing and harvesting crops, milking cows, and more. You can assist the game characters with their work and impress them. You will be rewarded for completing various tasks in the game.

Stunning visuals and scenes

The game features exciting scenes and visuals. There are a lot of exciting elements in the game that excite players. To accomplish that, you must first play patiently. Make an impression on the characters, and then try your luck. It is possible that you will receive something really exciting that will make your day.

Your Story Is Yours

The best thing about the game is that you can take the story in any direction you wish. Your actions are completely under your control. Your actions will determine the fate of the story. Have fun with the game characters by impressing them.

The graphics

With its beautiful 2D graphics, the game becomes really attractive. You will also enjoy the beautiful artwork and photos of the game characters. The game's environment is also attractive. Farms, fields, and more can be found there.

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