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0.13.0 für Android
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Aug 02, 2023
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Android 7 and above
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Prepare for thrills and chills with Ghost Shale Hill Secrets APK! This story-driven mystery game takes you on a haunting adventure as a paranormal vlogger exploring an abandoned lakeside resort town.

When your friend goes missing while investigating the mysterious cursed town of Shale Hill, you must follow the clues to uncover the sinister secrets behind its downfall 30 years ago. With nothing but your camera, infrared detector, and courage, you’ll explore creepy ruins, solve puzzles, find clues, and evade terrifying spirits who haunt the remains of Shale Hill.

But be warned: one wrong move could unleash an even darker terror from which there is no escape. Every decision, puzzle solution, and discovered truth will shape the terror in new ways. With randomized spirits and clues, no two trips to Shale Hill are ever the same.

Can you survive long enough to reveal the heart of the town's dark history? Will you tell the world its story or become another lost spirit trapped forever in Shale Hill? If you crave an atmospheric horror mystery that puts the narrative in your hands, download now! But remember, some secrets are better left buried.


  • Search decaying rooms using your infrared detector to sense ghostly presences
  • Investigate the remains of the resort town to find clues about what occurred
  • Discover notes, files, artifacts, and newspapers telling the history piece by piece
  • Solve environmental puzzles to open paths or access new areas
  • Use tools like lockpicks, bolt cutters, and keys to bypass barriers
  • Avoid or distract spirits wandering the ruins so they can slip past safely
  • Sneak carefully to not alert ghosts or trigger frightening encounters
  • Hide in closets, under beds, and more to evade deadly haunts that are hunting you
  • Run and close doors to obstruct ghosts, giving chase when spotted
  • Uncover clues leading to hidden passageways deeper into the darkness
  • Let choices guide how the spirits react and reshape the story
  • Discover ghostly vulnerabilities you can exploit
  • Reconstruct the traumatic events behind the downfall of Shale Hill
  • Escape or try putting spirits to rest at great personal risk
  • Return with the equipment needed to explore more on future trips

Features of Shale Hill Secrets APK

  1. A thrilling horror mystery set in an atmospheric abandoned lakeside resort town
  2. Chilling tales of trapped spirits reliving trauma
  3. A unique branching story based on your choices and puzzle solutions
  4. Terrifying encounters with randomized ghostly foes
  5. Hide, run, and sneak to survive deadly paranormal hunts
  6. An infrared detector allows you to sense ghosts before they spot you
  7. Environmental puzzles require wits to overcome blocked paths
  8. Investigation elements like inspecting clues, finding keys, and decoding messages
  9. Uncover the decades-old secrets behind the town's demise
  10. Evade or outsmart ominous haunts wandering the ruins
  11. Limited resources force careful planning to survive until dawn
  12. A striking hand-drawn art style makes the eerie setting come alive
  13. Haunting original soundtrack by Nox Arcanna
  14. Extra content and story routes added with major updates
  15. Supported languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese
  16. Optional in-app purchases for hints

How to Download and Play Ghost Shale Hill Secrets

  • Download Ghost Shale Hill Secrets APK from Delyrics. Launch the app and tap Play.
  • Read the intro story summaries to understand the context behind the mystery.
  • On your first investigation, conserve resources until you learn the locations. Death resets progress.
  • Search rooms slowly with your infrared detector to sense spirits before they detect you.
  • Hide immediately when ghosts manifest or you hear paranormal sounds drawing near.
  • Use closets, under beds, corners, and other objects to obstruct ghosts from seeing you.
  • Distract spirits by throwing objects so they can safely slip to the next room while they investigate sounds.
  • Running attracts attention. Move carefully between hiding places when ghosts roam nearby.
  • Read notes and examine objects thoroughly for clues explaining Shale Hill's history.
  • Solve puzzles in the environment to unlock new areas to explore.
  • Avoid dead ends where ghosts can easily trap you. Always plan an escape route.
  • Discovered clues may reveal secret doors, weak walls, or hint at passcodes.
  • Purchased items and unlocked shortcuts will carry over across deaths. Spend clues wisely.

What's New

  • A new hospital location to explore with unique puzzles and characters
  • Three new vengeful spirits stalk the hospital halls
  • 50+ minutes of new gameplay continue the story
  • Multiple new possible endings based on your choices
  • Expanded backstory and more clues flesh out the town's history
  • Hard mode for greater challenge and limited resources
  • Improved enemy AI behavior for more dynamic ghost encounters
  • Added lock difficulty system: trickier locks require multiple tools
  • Fixed issues with certain devices not saving progress properly
  • Localization added for German and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Graphics performance optimization, especially for older devices
  • Ambient sounds and better audio mixing for more immersion
  • Improved Behavior Pack DLC integrates smoothly into gameplay
  • General bug fixes based on user feedback
  • Misc tweaks and polish to existing content and features


For mobile gamers seeking a truly haunting horror mystery, Ghost Shale Hill Secrets APK delivers an eerie adventure with hand-crafted thrills. Exploring the atmospheric abandoned ruins and evading terrifying randomized spirits makes every trip a tense, story-driven experience.

The branching narrative shaped by your choices provides great replay value. Solving unique environmental puzzles and investigating the town’s past creates rewarding momentum. Hiding from uncanny ghostly stalkers hunting your every move provides heart-pounding moments.

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