What Kareena Kapoor Khan Eats In A Day?

Fit and fab! That’s Kareena Kapoor Khan for you.

Kareena is a big-time foodie but she of course follows a healthy diet.

Are you curious to know about Kareena’s diet?

Here’s what she eats in a day...

Kareena begins her day with a detox drink.

Bebo likes to get her dose of proteins and antioxidants from soaked almonds and a banana with a plate of poha in the morning.

Kareena likes to have proper ghar ka khana for lunch which includes dal, roti and sabzi.

For those mid-afternoon hunger pangs, she often has a mix of makhanas and peanuts.

For dinner, Kareena often eats veg pulao and a bowl of raita.

But yes, Kareena has her cheat days as well. And…pizza it is!

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