Vaani Kapoor’s Cheat Meal Platter

Vaani Kapoor swears by a healthy diet for sure but cheat meals are necessary once in a while.

‘Hapshi Kapoor’! That's what Ranveer Singh calls her.

We understand, Vaani. Life is just better with some pizza, burger and all that mayo and cheese, at times.

So, what's on Vaani's cheat meal platter? We'll tell you.

Maggi, to begin with. We second you, Vaani.

Chips, chips and even more of it. Why Vaani? Even we can't get enough of it.

And then there's some spicy Korean noodles too.

And not to forget, pizza!

Vaani cannot do without a cheesecake.

Take cues from Vaani Kapoor!

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