Try Uorfi Javeds Fav Smoothie

Uorfi Javed often makes headlines with her quirky style

Uorfi surely knows how to turn heads with her 'hatke' fashion

And, she follows a healthy lifestyle to maintain her toned figure

Want to try Uorfi's fav smoothie at home? Read on

Spinach leaves, cucumber, strawberries, mulberry, Greek yoghurt and honey Ingredients Required

Take some spinach leaves and chop off the stems

Now, take a cucumber and cut it into pieces

Soak some strawberries and mulberries in warm water for 5-10 minutes and chop them

In a blender, add all the chopped fruits and veggies with Greek yoghurt and honey

Blend it to form a smooth drink

Yumm! Your super delicious and healthy smoothie is ready to be served

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