Top 10 Richest Country in the World by 2022

1. China

China is in the East Asia and place in fove geographical time zone having 14 borders. known as the People’s Republic of China.

2. United State

It is a part of North America. It is the third position in terms of population and size of the country.

3. Germany

Germany is the second crowded country in Europe and is otherwise called the government republic of Germany.

4. France

France is the European country in 4th place of the top 10 richest country in the world with a net worth of $14 trillion.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the island country of Europe having four-part Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

6. Canada

Canada is the second biggest country on the planet when it comes about the complete region. Canada is in 6th place of top 10 richest country in the world, with net worth of $7 trillion.

7. Australia

Australia is the one a just Oceanian country on the planet that is recorded as the topmost extravagant Country on the planet.

8. Japan

Japan is in 8th place of the top 10 richest country in the world with a net worth of $3 trillion. Japan is the island nation of East Asia, and also the 11th most populous nation in the world.

9. Mexico

Mexico is one of the top populous countries, It is in 9th place in the top 10 richest country in the world. With a net worth of $3 trillion is the richest Country. Mexico is in North America.

10. Sweden

Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe, and also the fourth richest country in Europe. In the European Union, Sweden is the third-largest country.

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