Tom Cruise's Anti-Ageing 'poop' Facial Costs INR 14,000 per sitting

​Age-defyingThe Hollywood heartthrob made his debut in 1981 and has managed to look young since then.

​Guess his age!The 'Top Gun' actor is 59-years-old and still looks in his 30s.

​His anti-ageing secretWell, we came across the secret behind his unbelievable young looks.

​Poop facial!According to the Huffington Post, Cruise uses the same secret regimen that Victoria Beckham swears by, the Nightingale Poop Facial.

​It costs 180 USDOne facial costs 180 dollars or INR 14,000 approxiamtely.

​Why is it so expensive?The Geisha Facial consists of powdered Nightingale poop which is topped with rice bran.

​The procedureAs per reports, the procedure is undertaken alongside controlled amounts of ultraviolet light for an hour to sanitize the skin and make it youthful.

​He eats cleanCruise is said to be on a clean diet which comprises grilled foods and negligible carbohydrates, which often lead to inflammation of skin.

​Intense workoutsHe never misses his daily workout which is a combination of cardio and strength exercises.

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