So much poverty, even had to steal tea and drink it..

Famous Sudesh Lahiri's life has been quite a struggle for excellent comic timing and acting.

Before becoming famous, he has done many strange things to make a living.

Sudesh said, 'There was a lot of poverty at that time. Worked in small shops and factories.

'Many times he used to steal a cup of tea, because he knew that due to poverty in the house, even tea would not be available to drink.'

'I have learned a lot from my struggles. Acting skills are also a gift of these days.

Sudesh feels that whatever happened is good. 'I have not taken any acting course and will not'

'Because at that time the Kulfi or vegetable I used to sell, I used to act in the same way. It was like acting class for me.

Sudesh started his career in 2007 with the reality show 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'.

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