Small Details You Missed In The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Trailer

Remember when Lila first uses Viktor’s powers known as the White Violin at the end of Season 2? Season 3’s trailer has footage of her doing it again.

The Hotel Obsidian

There's also a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance of The Hotel Obsidian — in the Dark Horse series, it's a prison that houses all the villains that the Academy has faced over the years.

Five’s Costume

In the new trailer, a brief moment shows Five looking more like a private investigator than a member of Hargreeves Academy.


In the Season 3 trailer, we finally see the now transitioned Viktor, learning to trust in himself and flexing newfound confidence. He even threatens an opposing member of the Sparrow Academy


Near the end of the trailer, Pogo the chimpanzee, who raised the Umbrella Academy siblings and was killed by Vanya in the epic Season 1 finale, makes a brief appearance.

The Sparrows

The trailer shows the Sparrow Academy students fighting with their Umbrella Academy counterparts. Whether they remain in conflict with the Umbrella Academy crew or eventually join them is unclear.


If one thing stands out in this trailer, it's the repetition of the inane-sounding word: kugelblitz. According to Futurism, a kugelblitz is German for "ball lightning,".

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