Selenium Rich Foods Benefits

Selenium is naturally found in many foods that could reduce inflammation and many health problems.

By eating just one boiled egg, you can add upto 20 mg of selenium. In fact all the dishes made of eggs are beneficial for your health.

Right amount of selenium is found in many marine food items such as Tuna fish, Oysters, Clams, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab, etc.

It is also a good source of selenium. One cup (200gms) of paneer contains 20mg of selenium which is very good for your overall health.

One cup of boiled brown rice contains around 19 mg of selenium in it. Brown rice is also great to reduce carbs and easy digestion.

Sunflower seeds also also great source of getting selenium inside your body. Even a quarter cup of these seeds in your diet can add up to 19mg of selenium.

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