Secrets Interior Designers Dont Want You To Know

Hire a well-known designer A well-known interior designer will have many connections and networking to get the job done in a proficient manner.

Budgets Always discuss budgets first, don’t just jump at any idea without knowing the cost of it.

Stick to your preferencesDon’t leave your home to your interior designer to design. Participate in the design process or else, your home will become what your interior designer loves, not yours.

It’s alright to say NO If you don’t like an idea your interior designer presents, it’s alright to say NO. After all, it’s your home.

Your home may not be a priority Unless you’re a top-class celeb or somebody really important, your interior designer may not prioritise your home. But it’s your responsibility to make sure they deliver what you want.

They might not like your ideas You may face criticism because your interior designer may not like your ideas. But take it as a healthy discussion.

Your budget can be negotiated Your budget can always be tweaked, depending on how you negotiate with your designer.

There may be leftovers Your interior designer may be pushing you to use paint or use a chair that you really don’t like. Chances are high that it’s a leftover inventory from their previous clients.

Online designs are useful Interior designers would never reveal the fact that design samples available on the internet for references can actually be useful for ideas and preferences.

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