Secrets Behind Mouni Roy's Hourglass Figure

Live healthy

Mouni believes that you have to eat healthy, sleep on time and follow healthy habits to stay fit.

Plenty of water

The actress drinks a lot of water in order to keep her gut clean.

Fruits and vegetables

She includes enough fruits and vegetables in her diet to maintain the balance in calories.

Less oily food

She usually stays away from oily food and loves home cooked food.

Pilates love

Pilates keeps her muscles strong and helps with flexibility.


Drinking enough water to flush out toxins in yourself and your body for fitness - that's the secret.

Trained dancer

On an everyday basis, Mouni practices dance for at least half an hour.

Self love

No wonder how she now owns an envious hourglass body despite once criticized for her skinny physique.

Simple and minimal

Many think that Mouni loves makeup while it is not true! She keeps it simple and minimal.

No heavy makeup

On normal days, she wears only a moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm.

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