Rupert Grint's Birthday: Top Roles Played By Actor Apart From Ron Weasley In Harry Potter

The crime-comedy series Snatch showcased Rupert Grint who played the role of one of the young scammers involved in an organised crime.

Rupert Grint was also seen in the tv series Servant in which he was seen as Dorothy alcoholic younger brother, Julian.

Thunderpants featured little Rupert Grint playing the role of a kid suffering from anosmia.

British drama film Cherrybombsaw Grint playing one of the lead roles of Malachy McKinney.

The 2013 American movie CBGB depicted Rupert Grint portraying musician Cheetah Chrome.

Rupert Grint essayed the role of a struggling band promoter Jonny in the crime-comedy movie titled Moonwalkers.

The black-comedy tv series Sicknote featured Rupert playing the lead role of insurance agent Daniel Glass.

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