[Verse 1: Wiki]
Judged by people that don’t care about me either way
Done with pleasing people who ain’t aware, when I feel that way
I just need to breathe for a second, need to pray
Tryna make sense of what I made, not the money
Every sentence, you can’t touch em
But put a bunch together, make a record
I’d say I stayed neglected in the game, but I stayed invested
At least I maintained my message
And when I changed and I realized the pain I caused, confessed it
All my flaws is on my set list, every bar was direct with
All the travel days when I missed the city
Sittin on my saddle, onto Mississippi on my trustworthy steed
Or out in Europe smokin some untrustworthy weed
The only way to stay high, how I prefer to be on the bus
Every day you wake, a new way to say hi, different currency
It’s too early for all the urgency, my brain feels like been in and out of surgery
Open up the curtains, see everything the world conceived, left to me
Not no unnecessaries, only necessities, the bear ones have you cherishing
Your sense of Qi sets you free, just don’t take a turn down the wrong street
But what’s the loss cost me, nothing too costly, as long as I end up back on Mott Street
Know I got me a spicy chicken sandwich from my akhi, that’s all I need
But after all I’ve seen I had to stop it, after all the years of being toxic
In every unity I got in, every opportunity he lost him, but either way community still got him

Everything you did for profit, I’ve hardly counted what I’ve got in debt
This just was the only way I could be honest
The only place I could keep my promise
[Verse 2: MIKE]
Woke this morning, had to pray that I could see beyond this
Show me somewhere where it’s safe, that’s why I needed Jah
The shit a product of my race so it don’t need a context
You need remind me of my age ’cause I just be alive
Sometimes I be obnoxious
With the money making game, how niggas think we locked in
While niggas think they sly
While niggas jumped to make a name and not to leave they options
While niggas be behind
I peeped them triggers be the same when niggas weak or gossip
Fast and eager type, I keep it running in the rain and when them streets is godless
Last our leaders died, I keep my mother in my prayers and I believe she watching
Don’t believe the hype
I’ve seen my brothers in that phase and how that creature got them
Seen some brothers with some hate, I wish I’d leave their conscience
Hope they see the prize
Them assumptions just a game I know we synchronized
I’d rather be in front the frame than be the one besides it
Some shit you leave to God
Some shit I really had to say but I don’t mean or promise
It’s hard to speak a lot

[Outro: MIKE]

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Songwriter(s): MIKE, Wiki
Record Label(s): 2021 Wikset Enterprise
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