[Verse 1]
This town ain’t big enough for both of us
So don’t sleep on the things that my hands have done
The flora and the fire keep lighting up the distance
Careful with your mouth don’t let it run
Out of sight, out of mind
Dug my heels into the earth
It was safe, it was mine, but this is where the way turns

[Chorus 1]
Take it while you get it, toss this and forget it
As you swallow your seat and son
You’re plagued with pride of fathers
Long since dead behind you
Careful with your feet don’t let them run
To question yourself the cursed will stay away

[Verse 2]
You can camouflage, you can lock up, and you can stow away. But it is to question one’s self in a hideout to leave the cover, the cursed will stay away. And in my hard heart I tried to block out and to blot out and obstruct the clouds. But the shroud, the bell, the blanket and the envelope will eclipse them now
Forget what you left, this part is never easy

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Standing where the water meets the shore you feel the sun
Touch your face and leave its mark with nowhere left to run
To hide your shaking hands and words that swore this was the day
You never feel as weak as when the answers go away

[Chorus 2]
I was caught in the current; it’s a lesson, and I’ve learned it

The teacher left scars on our fists
I’m the worst, I’m the worst, just please leave me here
There’s pain we never speak of, second guess the ones that we love
And the last thing you want is for your last words to sound so scared, but you find yourself here, alone and scared
Will they leave You here, Will You leave me here?

The best part of that
Is I want it back
(From the hands of my mother to the hands of a girl)
The best things to say
I want to say
(I never wanted to say, but I had to)
That all this time I was wrong
(From the hands of my mother to the hands of the world)
(And I’ll take your blame but it was always you)
The water’s deep
As they find their sleep
(From the hands of my mother to the hands I see before me)
And I begged for less
But I second guessed
That you would come
(We left after morning)
(Could I part this deep)
After me
(As you called to your name)

The past still waits
It’s the pain we never speak of
To catch my eye
Second guess the ones that we love
And I never stopped
All the words and our confessions
To question
I never thought that I should question
To question why

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Songwriter(s): Toby Morrell, Matt Carter
Record Label(s): 2020 BC Music
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