Paneer Will Not Spoil For A Month, These Tips Will Keep It Fresh

Paneer is very beneficial for our health.

Along with making paneer dish, people also like to eat it raw for health.

But when it comes to storing paneer, many people complain that it starts spoiling quickly.

There are many such tips by following which you can store paneer for a long time.

Paneer can be stored for a week by keeping it in salt water.

You can keep the paneer fresh for the whole month by closing it in a zip bag.

If the paneer is immersed in water and kept in the refrigerator, then the freshness remains for 2 days.

Even keeping it in muslin or cotton cloth will not spoil the paneer quickly.

For this, you have to keep the pieces of cheese in the cloth and fold them from all sides and keep them in the fridge.

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