Onscreen Tough Guy And Film Sculptor James Caan's 82. Has Died At The Age Of

Sad news from the world of films, as actor James Caan passed away on Wednesday, his family announced on their Twitter account.

Hotheaded Santino "Sonny" Cannes in "The Godfather" also starred in films as diverse as "Misery," "Bottle Rocket" and "Elf."

He was nominated for four Golden Globes, an Emmy and an Oscar in his life, and is also a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cannes, who played football at Michigan State in the 1950s, was also known for playing roles in several iconic sports films.

Early in his career, Cain starred in "Bryan's Song", where he played Brian Piccolo.

Cain also starred as coach Sam Winters in "The Program",

Cain worked steadily until the end of his life, playing Colonel and, essentially, himself, in Family Guy animated appearances.

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