You don’t have to be afraid
I’ll ease you into a world of happiness
You can count on me to stay
If I haven’t
Let me make my feelings obvious

Thought I made it obvious
That I’m feeling you
You stole my heart
So it’s only right
That I get back by stealing you
I’m cheesy
But lot of things taste
Good with cheese
I thought of you
When I wrote these lyrics
When I made this beat
Ain’t it neat
How the apple of someone’s eyes
Can also be their daily bread as well
You + me
Is like
Hugs and trees
The telling that Cupid tells
Del Amo
The lover’s contoure
And I hope I get to be yours
If not
I’ll be more than bummed
It’s like
C’mon baby girl

Let’s play
Let’s enjoy life
Let’s have some fun
Thought I made it obvious
You don’t notice me eye f*cking you
Like how my male gaze
Could possibly insinuate
That I want to be loving you
I’m down for you
I’m more down for you
Than Chili crisp oil
Is down for Tofu
Hope you
Know we can be like Chichi and Goku
We can raise a Gohan and a Goten
We can be laughing
We can be smoking
We can be enacting
We can be hoping
Possibilities are limitless
I won’t ever taint the beauty of your innocence
Possibly imminent
And also evident
That Cupid took his aim
I want you love me
Through all the pains, gain, fame
Stay in my lane, and love is a game

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