Pride in myself was something I swore would never die
Gaining respect means giving up a past life
The illusion crafted by my arrogance
Had protected me from the wrong that I couldn’t admit
Now I lay across the dust ridden floor
Knowing now that regrets shouldn’t be ignored
Left to waste, now I see how you must have felt
When the world began to change and I followed
Floods of memories drown me in the abyss
Ceiling fades, empty space, hanging barely from a cliff
That’s thousands of feet tall
And now I fall
Now I fall
Into oblivion
Landing back at the beginning of our prime
We’d built ourselves and our kingdom in the summer sun

One brick at a time
Now those walls are nothing but rubble and dust
What was once silver lining of us has turned to rust
In those days when we’d fight our demons together
If we had started over, oh, I wonder
Would I be descending through the darkness
Through the fire and the rain and the mist?
Would the air fail to catch me as I failed to catch you?
Would we have fallen
Into oblivion?
Alone In this empty room
All I hear now is the ambience of our faded tune
How fragile of me to break so easily
Fear took the lead, now
I’m still falling
Ooh, oh
Falling Into oblivion
Into oblivion

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