Ni No Kuni Game Available for Download

We told you earlier in the month that Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds was set to launch on Android on May 25th foe NI No game.

And that’s still sort of true. The servers are going live tomorrow, but you can pre-download from the Play Store game.

That’ll give you a headstart of sorts, which is nice. You’ll need about 4GB of space on your device to get it all installed playstore.

Which isn’t that much of a surprise, given how gorgeous the game looks by NI NO kuni Game.

You’re also going to want 4GB of RAM to play the game. In an oddly specific recommended the storage .

the Play Store page says you’ll need a Galaxy S9 or newer to play it. We imagine an equivalent phone will do just as well in game

If you’d like to do the pre-download thing, you can click here to grab Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds from the Play Store in the game.

right this second. In case we haven’t made it clear enough, you won’t actually be able to play it until tomorrow for play store downlod

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