Mogwai Dry Fantasy Lyrics

About Song:

Mogwai are having a new album out on February 19, 2021 via Temporary Residence Ltd./Rock Action. You can hear the song below and scroll down for the album art and tracklist.

The follow up of Any Country’s Sun is Mogwai’s Every Country’s Sun: The latest album was made in Worcestershire, England with producer Dave Fridmann. “Crying Shame” also includes reviews from Atticus Ross and Colin Stetson. It will come 25 years since the band’s debut song, “Tuner”/“Lower.”.

Stuart Braithwaite believes the latest album would be transportive for fans, unless you are somewhere really great and then why are you listening to any strange music like this? ”

Song: Dry Fantasy
Artist: Mogwai
Album: As The Love Continues
Singer: Mogwai
Genres: Indie
Released: 2021

Lyrics will be coming in few days..

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