(Wake up, F1lthy)

Huh, and I ride with the cooler
Huh, I f*cked on Medusa
Yeah, I came with the stick, yeah, yeah
Just call ’em, we’ll do ya
Yeah, I up on an opp, yeah, yeah
This bitch can’t fool me, yeah, yeah
I shoot at your boy, yeah, yeah
I shoot at your shooter, huh, yeah
I’m taking off heads, yeah, yeah
I take off your ‘dulla
Yeah, I pop me an X, yeah, yeah
And now it’s a boof, huh
Opium Gang, you know, hold up
Yeah, okay, it’s Opium Gang you know, yeah
You could get stained for sure, yeah
Stay in your lane for sure, yeah
Blow out your brain for sure, yeah
Aim at thе opp for sure, yeah
Ready to aim for surе, yeah
I got a plane on my neck, hold up
I f*ck that bitch on the jet, hold up

I got these diamonds so wet, hold up
I could go run up a check, yeah
I got these hoes going wild, huh
I got these hoes going wild, huh
I f*cking all these hoes, huh
Like its going out of style, huh, what?
It’s a vibe, huh
Every time I pop out, huh, hold up
She’s not sad, huh, when those guns pop out, yeah, yeah
We some killers, huh, what you talking ’bout? Yeah, yeah
f*ck ’em all, huh, run they ass out, huh
Me and F1lthy, yeah
I’m getting filthy, yeah
Too much money, yeah
This shit so filthy, yeah
f*ck these niggas you could turn into a victim, yeah
No f*cks given, yeah, no f*cks given, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

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