Mallika Sherawat Favourite Food: Mallika Sherawat Vegan Food Choices That Keep Her Fit At 45

​Mallika Sherawat

With acting in superhit movies like Murder and Welcome and featuring in some of the catchiest item songs.

​Vegan lifestyle

Mallika has been a vegetarian all throughout her life and has also been a vegan now for more than a decade.

​Lemon water

Warm water with lemon is the first thing that Mallika consumes upon waking up in the morning. istock

​Fruits for breakfast

She then kickstarts her day on a light note by having a mixed bowl of fresh-cut fruits and a glass of green juice.


Mallika’s diet includes a lot of fresh green salads in raw form, which is usually her go-to lunch along with a glass of vegan smoothie.

Healthy dessert

Mallika used to be a big-time sweet lover but has now completely quit sugar by conquering her cravings.

Vegan Food

Thai Green Curry made with Coconut Milk is Mallika’s all-time favourite. istock

​Go-to restaurant

Mallika’s favourite restaurant is Sequel in Bandra, Mumbai.


Mallika is a huge advocator of Iyengar Yoga and often shares photos and videos of her practising it on her Instagram account.

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