Make Cashew Katli In Minutes, This Is An Easy Method

Although cashew katli is not a favorite, but it becomes a bit difficult to make it at home.

In such a situation, we are going to tell the recipe by which cashew katli can be prepared in a jiffy.

Use fresh cashews to make Kaju Katli.

After this, grind cashews finely and sieve them through a sieve and take them out in a big vessel.

Mix milk powder, powdered sugar, ghee and kewra flavor and one tablespoon milk in cashew powder.

Grease the prepared mixture of cashew katli with a little ghee and divide it into two parts.

After this, grease a plastic with a little ghee and keep this one part mixture. Put another plastic on it and roll it with light hands and stick it.

After removing the upper plastic, apply silver work on the rolled cashew roti and cut cashew katli in desired shape.

Eat the prepared cashew katli with pleasure and feed it to your loved ones.

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