This is a pre-paid collect call from Kwame Brown
An incarcerated individual, to accept charges and consent to record this call, press—
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Ayy, hold my head out like a gangster, I’m prepared to face my face
Same niggas did my paperwork the ones was in my face
Wop tried to tell me ’bout them niggas, I misjudged and I ain’t listen (My daddy made this beat)
Now I’m stuck down in the pen’ and I miss Christmas with my children
Almost broke, I hope my kids ain’t out, I stay strong for my mental
Cut the lights out, but my roaster shine when I open my dental
Up the whole whip like a runner, my bitch ridin’ like no other
Lotta shit gotta say to face to face when I get to my brother
This shit here, it get so grimy when you stuck behind the wall
I took care niggas here, they phony, they don’t answer calls
But I won’t bitch up about nothin’, karma real and I accept
To hold my feelings and my girl just mad, she say that I neglect her
So much pain, I can’t explain, man, this shit here get so deep
R.I.P. Miss Jackie and Mob, I know you watchin’ over me
Got no weed to keep me calm, face my demons face to face
Baby mama keep my kid from me, it hurt me every day
Mama cried, her son for street, please don’t worry, I’m a soldier
Just like her kid come through the phone, put the receiver on my shoulder
Couple million stashed away, payin’ for Wop to be my neighbor
I caught holy, this shit grabbed my situation, they won’t face me
This the lowest that a man can get when he stuck in a cell
Rather go to Heaven, like a GD just get close to Hell
Wanna talk to Shiesty and tell my nigga I feel like he came
But I know the bro remember how we talked about the gang
But we locked up, we ain’t f*cked up, we gon’ make it home to y’all
Know them boys was hatin’, waitin’ on 1017 to fall
For life and after I’ma keep it real
Make sure the same niggas questioned my loyalty done clicked away for someone too offended
Been through way too much, they took my cheddar, let the time just tell me
I had put in work for years to come before I got with Gucci
Said they love me but they don’t, they deep, then I know it’s a deeper
Ayy, might try to be a partner, that bitch said I was just missin’
In the mirror seein’ rich, I’m ’bout to make it out the trenches
Got no hatred for the ones that left, but I’ma keep my distance
Girl get mad and she get distant, that shit put me in my feelings
But ain’t shit that I could do right now, I know how much it make
My lil’ brother went from Perc’, he went fed, I heard he died
Close my eyes and tears don’t hit my face, the inside of me cryin’
Think about my sister every day, they turned her to a jake
When I see her, open up my mouth, but don’t know what to say
Call on me when they have problems, I got problems, who gon’ solve ’em?
Every time they close that door on me, I get chip to my call
Let them hatin’ niggas call up, but they know the world’s still [?]
Even locked down I got power, keep some goons outside my shower
My drank coffee and I’ma shine again and be patiently waitin’

I’m out a wholehearted, might look, I know that God don’t make a state
Every day I wash my face, feel like I wash it with my sins
Everybody in my room got comissary and they men
Y’all f*ck niggas hatin’, y’all niggas countin’ us out
Got niggas hatin’, done wished that’s never over with, man
1017, man, So Icy Gang, y’all know what the f*ck goin’ on, it’s the mob
I ain’t goin’ for nothin’
Never, y’all niggas can’t f*ck with us from behind walls with it
Free Shiesty, man, R.I.P. Dolph, man, R.I.P. Miss Jackie, man, you know how it go (My daddy made this beat)

[Verse 2]
Same niggas that be dissin’ used to glorify my name
Bet that boy feel like a bitch, know when I gave your ass the game
Your name won’t come off my mouth, know you rappin’ for the clout
When you see me, you gon’ beat your steel, then I’ma take you out
But I won’t take it from your kid, that there ain’t my choice to make
Every time you see that mirror, I know all you see is fake
I was dealt with quickly break, this here just part of my story
I got rings, but they don’t talk about me, just like Roby [?]
I was locked down with them killers when they had down the cage
There was nine under my killer and the team was on my mattress
I was loyal to the gang like a gang was loyal back
I was only gone a couple weeks, they stabbed me in my back
But I’m a gangster at this spot ’cause I won’t fold up, not a inch
Get your shine up ’cause it won’t be long before I’m out the pen’
I’m past more loyal then the niggas I grew up with on the block
I walk up like it don’t hold me (Bitch), plus I’m stuck up in the box
I called Wop, he keep my head, had told me this shit gon’ get better
Keep my chest hot, but I rob myself while I dance with the devil
Got no Wock’, it hold me down, so my mind shuffle in a half
I call court down, he pick me up when I feel like I hit the ground
The mayor gon’ be here forever, make he world remember me
My heart cold, but that will keep me safe while I’m stuck in the heat
I pay Chadwick, then I watch his movie, it help my mind advance
Got a big [?] and head every time it was me and him
Pressure up on him like a man, never get your take to strap
Bitch, hold your motion if you can, they waitin’ for you on the last
Every time you call me daddy for the first time make me smile
Gotta keep back to my boy, didn’t have my daddy as a child
Grandma told me that she need me, never thought I’d leave again
Still picture ’bout the way she used to always tell me, “Watch your friends”
“Even gotta watch your kin, they always beat all you in”
And my message to the streets, I never thought I’d push the six (My daddy made this beat)
Ho, ho
Y’all know what the f*ck goin’ on, I am known to step, buddy
You know exactly a lot of y’all niggas prayin’ on a nigga downfall
Lotta y’all-lotta y’all niggas waitin’ nigga get stuck in this motherf*cker
Comin’ home faster than never, nigga, had to know what the f*ck poppin’
New Years, a new day, I’ll be back, nigga, ASAP
The caller has hung up

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Songwriter(s): Foogiano

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