Lily-Rose Depp — Her Iconic Parents, ‘Rich Girl Skin’ And That Photo With Timothée Chalamet

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp's eldest child is about to go stratospheric with her new show with The Weeknd - Amy Francombe on everything you need to know about her

Lily-Rose Depp's Hollywood career is taking off

An upcoming HBO drama, The Idol, will star her alongside The Weeknd, the actress, supermodel, and influencer.

This music industry drama has The Weeknd playing a self-help guru who runs a modern day cult and Lily-Rose playing a burgeoning pop idol. Considering it has already gone viral on TikTok, and was co-created by the man behind the Gen Z-obsessed show Euphoria, it is already being called The. Let's move on. The biggest. That's all. The screen is ablaze with action.

Adding fuel to the fire, Britney Spears announced on Instagram that she was working on a film called The Idol after the end of her conservatorship.

Lily-Rose is expected to ascend further up the Hollywood ladder when the show launches "very soon", despite there being no official release date.

Her cool girl pedigree doesn't hurt either. Besides having parents who are icons in their fields, she splits her time between Paris and Los Angeles, has dated Timothée Chalamet, the internet's crush, and even her godfather is famous, although unexpectedly so - shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

The rising star reveals her childhood as the daughter of two Hollywood heavyweights as she prepares for her biggest role yet.

Growing up in a bilingual, laissez-faire environment

In a household where Johnny Depp was nominated for three Best Actor Oscars by the time Lily-Rose was ten, and Vanessa Paradis fronted Chanel campaigns, Lily-Rose was never going to have a normal childhood.

In her childhood, she spent summers in Paris and film premieres in LA as the daughter of one of the world's most famous couples. Having French and American roots makes me feel so connected. There is a connection between my two cultures. A bilingual upbringing has given her a great sense of appreciation for speaking both languages.

Lily-Rose is now one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses, but her mother encouraged her to emulate her own singing career as a child. The now 49-year-old Paradis was a child star when he became a hit with 1991's Joe Le Taxi. French charts topped for almost three months due to its popularity.

My mother was an amazing singer, and when I was a kid, I wanted to be just like her. Lily-Rose told The Sun in 2019 that she wants to be like her mom one day. These hopes were, however, dashed at the age of 10 by a disastrous school talent show.

She had a relaxed teen years. It wasn't like my parents were strict at all. It has always been their trust that I can make my own decisions and be independent. Being a teenager wasn't really rebellious," she said. Clubbing isn't my thing. As far as I'm concerned, I'm pretty chilled. At home, I like to spend time with my family. Honestly, I prefer watching cooking shows to anything else.”

Watching documentaries is her favorite way to unwind and she admires Marcus Aurelius as a philosopher.

However, she also experienced some darker moments during her childhood. Food poisoning caused kidney failure in Lily-Rose, then seven years old, in 2007. The Graham Norton Show featured an interview with Johnny Depp in which he described this period as the "darkest of his life.".

The doctors told us she would be lucky to survive since her kidneys had shut down. We sat by her bed for nine days, refusing to move until she began to survive."

As a child, I would play dress-up in the changing room, and as an adult, I would be Chanel's visage

An early noughties Lily-Rose spent her childhood attending fittings at her mother's Parisian atelier after securing her many Chanel campaigns for the fragrance Coco, in what seems to be a fashion fairytale.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, she described meeting Karl [Lagerfeld] for the first time when she visited the studio with her mother. I had been to my mother's fittings with my little brother, which was so exciting and magical, and I got to see her try on all the beautiful dresses. I remember her saying hello to Karl and I think it's really rare to meet someone like Karl because he's clearly a legend in so many ways, but he was also very sweet, down-to-earth and kind."

It didn't take long for the young starlet to turn the fashion maven's head. A later interview with The Face revealed how Lily-Rose felt when she was told she would become the brand's youngest ambassador. I was actually unable to believe that my grandmother had called me. The team I've come to love so much, I called them. The moment was special for me because I was able to speak with them, as well as Karl."

Her career has since expanded to include a Chanel No5 perfume campaign, a Chanel No5 L'Eau campaign, and a Chanel halterneck white gown at her first Met Gala.

Johnny Depp admitted that he was worried when Lily Rose ventured into fashion at such an early age, saying: "I wasn't expecting this to happen to her.". "She's having fun doing what she loves.".

The daughter follows in the footsteps of her father

Lily-Rose has also been practicing acting in addition to modelling. Initially, she got the opportunity to appear alongside her friend's dad (credited as "Guy LaPointe") in Clerks director Kevin Smith's 2014 body horror, Tusk.

She made the indie "just for fun" at the age of 14: "that's all I was doing at the time.". After seeing her talent and Depp's charisma in the film, Smith later decided to write Yoga Hosers to showcase their sardonic wit as yoga-obsessed, Nazi-fighting gas station employees.

Her acting career began with this role. That's when I realized: 'Wow, I love this.' Do you ever find yourself feeling like you belong somewhere after you start doing something? As far as my career is concerned, I have never felt like I was in the right place before. Having done this now for so many years, I know it's what I want to do forever."

Her career in showbiz was the driving force behind her decision to leave her exclusive Los Angeles school in 2016. Despite her willingness to do her homework and attend classes, the young actress admitted it was impossible for her to pursue acting as a career. When speaking of her parents, she told The Face: "Both of them left school when they were 15, so they can't say anything."My mind has never wandered to the idea of attending university. Working has always been my dream."

Despite appearing in several English- and French-language productions (including the César-nominated A Faithful Man in 2018), Lily-Rose's debut in the mainstream came with David Michôd's Shakespearean epic The King.

In an interview with W Magazine, she said, "This is the biggest project I've ever worked on." The project was monumental, but it was also exciting and fueled her drive to become the best she could be. She played Catherine of Valois opposite Robert Pattinson, Joel Edgerton and Timothée Chalamet as King Henry V (whom she began dating).

Her upcoming HBO series The Idol will feature her as a lead character.