K-Drama Inspired Room Decor Ideas

K-dramas or Korean dramas have gained tremendous popularity these days

Along with the storylines, viewers are fascinated with the stylish looks of the stars and their beautiful homes

So it's time to spruce up your homes, K-Drama style

White and crème walls are typically chosen in K-drama to give a soft and lively touch to the room Add soft colours

You can also add an aesthetic look to your room by adding rustic wood furniture with modernised white walls. Korean cabinets and doors

If you want to cover the big windows in your room, you can take inspiration from K-drama and replace the room’s curtain with a simple window blind. Adding window blinds

Houses in South Korea are relatively small. So usually, they use an open plan concept or make rooms with no partitions. An open-plan concept

Small rooms in K-dramas are often furnished with multifunctional furniture Multifunctional furniture

The key is to choose decorations in similar colours to the overall theme and to arrange them properly One theme decor

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