Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Screts That Keep Jennifer Lopez so young at 53

Eternally youngThe secret for her young skin at the age of 53 is a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of her best-kept beauty secrets.

ExerciseExercising for 45 mins daily keeps you fit and maintains the glow on your face. JLo swears by this mantra.

Healthy LifestyleAccording to the stunner, eating a balanced diet and including vitamin rich fruits and vegetable is must for a healthy skin.

Uses her own productsJLo has her own beauty brand called JLo Beauty and she only uses products of her own brand.

Under Eye CreamShe swears by under eye cream as it helps to reduce dark circles, fine lines and improves elasticity of skin.

Glow SerumJLo's glow serum is a mixture of olives and other oils that helps in keeping skin bright, soft and smooth.

Dietary capsulesThese supplements help in boosting skin and to tackle ageing problem and help to keep skin youthful.

CleanserThis cleanser is magic. as per the diva and washing her face with this hydrates and soothes the skin.

Complexion BoosterThis product can be mixed with foundation and acts as a bronzer and highlighter and gives Jennifer that perfect hydrating effect.

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