Yeah (Crack music)

I’m in my feelings y’all pardon
I feel like Oakley in the Garden
When I played it was full contact
And I ain’t see a quarter of these contracts (Huh)
I put up numbers when I hold this mic
But see I came up in a era where Hov was Mike
Being a fellow Brooklynite, I was a All Star
But never got to pop champagne except in a Sports Bar
Now I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t gone far
But I’m still tight bout what I mentioned in that fourth bar
A younger me just steaming ’em with this pen
Wonder what I woulda been if streaming existed then
Young May, Cash Clay, leaning into ya chin
Leaving ’em in the wind as I’m weaving ’em let’s begin
In ’07 the Brick dropped, Hip Hop made a pit stop
On this block in Brooklyn and noticed I had the strip locked
Big Rocks in my socks all tied into small zip locks
Fif Glock on my hip had em dancing before Tik Tok
Wave cap, skully and my braids all ugly
Pitching, y’all should want a signed baseball from me
Listen, I feel like Strawberry at Shea
Whenever I had to bat, y’all saw an Apple a day
And it still wasn’t enough to keep the doctor away

‘Cause yeah, shortly after that I signed to Dre
Y-A-O-W-A and NWAs own
Joined forces y’all in trouble today
That’s how I felt when that ink hit that paper
Then minor league coaching advised me to leave the majors
Big league mistake in my opinion I was loyal to a fault
What they did for Kendrick Lamar they was tryna do for ya boy
But that didn’t include everybody inside the room
‘Cause Dre seen what I saw later, but it’s cool
Live and ya learn, no bridges burned I give and I earn
I sleep really well at night, while they twist and they turn
But back to rap, none of y’all cause a bit of concern
I been underrated since Undertaker lifting his urn
So then I jump on this record with Joe
Man, y’all know how the rest of this go
Niggas screaming Slaughterhouse as I exit the show
Head to toe, fly as f*ck while the Xs and Os
Was pouring in from the baddest lotta whores got ravished
Four-month damage on my tour bus mattress
Cause the four-headed monster flamed shit above average
Then they called the Fire Marshall, with the last name Mathers
Just let me know cause I’ll stop if you want
Or keep cutting, ’cause I feel like Barry Sanders with blockers in front

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Songwriter(s): Joell Ortiz

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